Outwell Reddick 4A Family Tent

Outwell Reddick 4A

Outwell Reddick 4A

The Outwell Reddick 4A is a great tent for families with one or two small children, or as a smaller weekend tent if taking your larger family tent is too much work for one night camping.

Review Score

Our Score: 8.8/10

We've given the Outwell Reddick 4A the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Family FriendlyQualityValue for MoneyFeatures

The good

  • Simple to pitch.
  • A good balance of space.
  • Additional side door with some rain protection.
  • Plenty of light inside, but darkened ceilings in the bedrooms.
  • Removable bedroom divider, which makes it easier to get to kids if they wake in the night.

The not so good

  • I found the valves on the tubes fiddly, but that's probably just me!

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Outwell Reddick 4A Photos

Outwell Reddick 4A Family Tent

Tent Pitched

Outwell Reddick 4A Headroom

Outwell Reddick 4A Headroom

Outwell Reddick 4A Dimensions

Outwell Reddick 4A Dimensions

Peg Bag Contents

Peg Bag Contents

Outwell Reddick 4A Layout

Outwell Reddick 4A Layout

In and Out Valves

In and Out Valves

Tent pitched

Pitched in the Evening

Large Side Window

Large Side Window

Cable tidies on the tent

Cable Tidies

Deflating the tent

Deflating the tent



Porch entrance


Inflating the Reddick 4A tent

Pump it up

Pitching – the corners

Pitching – the corners

Keep pumping

Keep pumping

Morning Brew

Morning Brew

Our Review

The Outwell Reddick 4A is a great little family tent. It's inflatable too.

I say 'little' as it is very similar to the large luxury Outwell tents, but in a much smaller package, making it an ideal tent for the smaller family with just one or two small children, or as a weekend tent.

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Why get a Weekend Tent?

We do have a large Outwell tent (and a few other brands too!). We find the larger tents ideal for camping trips where we are staying longer, as they give everyone in the family more space, there's more room for storage (such as the change of clothes for the kids), and you can set the tent up to be your home from home.

However, if you just want to get away for a night or two at the weekend, taking a large tent, plus all the furniture, is a lot of work.

This is where getting a second smaller tent for the weekend is ideal. Yes, you have less space. Yes, you can't take as much furniture (which is good for just a night or two). But you will get the tent set up quickly, ready to get on and enjoy your weekend.

Ideal for Smaller Families

A tent of this size is ideal for smaller families, with perhaps one or two small children. You could use this for the weekend and longer camping breaks, especially if you got the additional extension.


You get full height headroom in the Outwell Reddick 4A

Pitching the Outwell Reddick tent

The Reddick comes with the *Outwell Pegging System,*which is a set of colour-coded tent pegs to help make it simpler to pitch.

Here are the contents of the Reddick 4A tent bag: the colour-coded Outwell Pegging System, spare guy lines, and repair patches.

Follow these instructions for pitching the tent.

After unrolling the tent and laying it out on the ground, use the metal tent pegs in the four corners of the tent. Make sure the tent is fully stretched out.

Inflating the Reddick 4A tent

Using the supplied pump, inflate each tube to the correct pressure. There is a pressure gauge on the pump that shows you the correct pressure.

The Outwell Reddick 4A came with a newly designed hand pump. We found that it didn't need a lot of pumping to get each air tube inflated.

pumping up the tent

I found it didn't take long to pump up each of the tubes, and the tent soon took shape.

Once inflated, use the black tent pegs on the black pegging points at the bottom of the tent, then the luminous tent pegs for the luminous guy lines.

Porch entrance

The only tent pole used in this tent is the small one used to make the porch over the side entrance

Large Side

The large side window lets in plenty of light. Note also the air vent. There is one at the back of the tent through, to help reduced condensation.

Using the Outwell Reddick 4A

The Reddick has a traditional family tent layout. Two double bedrooms are at the back of the tent, a living space, and a big front door.

We found that the big front door is ideal when the weather is good and provides an excellent place to sit if you want to shelter from the breeze.

Cup of coffee in the tent

It was sunny but with a crisp breeze in the morning. Sitting just inside the door meant we could enjoy the sun, breeze-free!

Typically, though, you might use the additional side door, with its rain porch, as the main entrance to the tent when the weather isn't as great.

The large windows gave plenty of light inside the tent, and all come with blinds, which you can simply roll up.

The tent has a fitted groundsheet throughout. When you have the front door open, you can lay the groundsheet flat, so it isn't a tripping hazard - ideal when you have toddlers...and even adults!

Both bedroom areas are doubles, though if you want a bit more space, you might want to look at the Outwell Reddick 5A, which has a triple bedroom plus the double.

A divider between the two bedroom areas can be easily removed for more space. We've always found such a divider great when you are camping with small kids, as you can quickly get to them in the night if they wake.

Packing away the Reddick 4A

I know many people have trouble packing away their tents. After they get them out of the tent bag for the first time, they never go back in!

Well, follow these instructions to pack away your inflatable tent. But before you do, please ensure your tent is dry, as if it goes into the bag wet, it will get mouldy. If it is wet when you are packing away, you'll have to put it away wet, and then dry the tent when you get home. If you are lucky, you can let it air in your garage. Otherwise, you'll need to get it out in your garden when the weather is better.

Take out all the luminous tent pegs on the guy lines. The guy lines should be rolled up. The Outwell Reddick comes with these handy velcro ties to keep them in place. You simply wind the guyline around your hand and then velcro into place.

Cable tidies on the tent

I always find these velcro cable tidies useful on Outwell tents.

Next, take out all the black tent pegs at the bottom of the tent.

Deflating the tent

Push the button to deflate the air tubes.

Remove the metal tent pegs from the corners after deflating the tent.

However, if it is windy, ensure your tent doesn't blow away! In this situation, we may keep at least one of the metal tent pegs in until the last moment.

Folding the tent

By holding the corners, fold the tent over. Fold it so that the air tubes run the length of the tent. Before folding, make sure the doors are unzipped. This helps with getting the air out of the tent.

Drying the underside of the tent

Even if the top of the tent is dry, the bottom can often be wet and mucky. One of the things we do is dry it as we fold. If the weather is good, we also let the underside dry in the sunshine after it gets exposed.

Fold the tent over to make it smaller

Fold it over again. You want to get the width just shorter than the length of the tent bag.

Rolling up the tent

Start rolling the tent. To help squeeze the air out, and to make sure they are kept with the tent, I place the pegs and pole inside the start of the role. Note that I have also placed the tent bag at the other end to make sure the width is correct. Roll the tent from the opposite end to where the air valves are.

Keep rolling to force the air out

Keep rolling (and wiping), and use a bit of weight to help force the air out. After rolling the first time, quickly unroll and re-roll. It will be very quick the second time and creates a much smaller tent bundle.

Tie the tent

Make sure you have to hand the ribbons, which tied the tent up when you first unpacked it. The easiest way to get them around the tent is to lay them flat, and simply roll the tent onto the ribbons. Then tie them around the bundle, so it doesn't come undone.

Put the tent in the bag

If all went well, you should be able to drop the tent back into its bag. Some tent bags are a little on the small side. We were pleased to see that Outwell gave the Riddick 4A a generous bag size, and so getting it back in the bag was much easier. There are also compression straps on the bag to help make your tent bundle even smaller.

The Outwell Reddick back in its bag

Mission accomplished! The tent is back in the bag!

You can find more pitching instructions on the Outwell web page.


AttributeOutwell Reddick 4A
Best Price
Product Info
Year Introduced2019
Tent Details
Recommended Tent UseIdeal for Weekend Camping
SleepsSleeps 4
Bedrooms2 Bedrooms
Frame TypeInflatable, air frame
Tent Accessories
Tent Construction
Fly Hydrostatic Head4000 mm
Tent Windows
Tent Doors
Tent Bedrooms
Tent Living Space
Pitching and Storage