Lazy Summer Miramar Hammock

Outwell Miramar Summer Hammock

Outwell Miramar Summer Hammock

We have a closer look at the Outwell Miramar Summer Hammock. Great for lounging about, but what about taking to the campsite?

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Our Score: 9.2/10

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The good

  • The Outwell Miramar Summer Hammock is really simple to put up and it won't tip you out into a heap on the floor either!

The not so good

  • Even when folded it is quite long. Check that you have space to transport it in the campsite. If not, it works just as great in the garden at home!

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Lazy Summer Miramar Hammock

Lazy Summer Miramar Hammock

Our Review

Something about swinging in a hammock brings up images of lazy summer days, chilling in the sunshine.

We've reviewed a big family hammock before (and have even gone hammock camping). However, you'll always need something to attach the hammock to.

You can buy special hammock stands if you don't have some trees to string your swinging bed between. However, what if you wanted to take your hammock for lazing around when camping? Most campsites don't have convenient trees next to your pitch that you can string a hammock between, and the manmade hammock stands aren't very portable.

This is where the Outwell Miramar Summer Hammock comes in.

We've been trying this out ...oh, it's a hard life! ;-)

Resting in the Outwell Hammock

The Hammock Stand

The Miramar Hammock comes in one carry case, including the folded hammock stand and the hammock itself.

Contents of the Miramar Hammock Bag

What's in the bag

Now, putting together a hammock stand at the campsite is less time spent in the hammock! Fortunately, this is an amazing bit of engineering and easily unfolds into the hammock stand. No assembly is required, thank goodness.

the hammock stand

The included hammock stand simply expands

All you have to do is lock the hammock's chain into place.

 Locking the hammock

Securing the hammock's chain to the frame

The Miramar Hammock

The Hammock is good quality and even comes with a built-in pillow.

built-in hammock pillow

The Outwell Miramar Hammock is designed for snoozing with its built-in pillow

It's a good size too. You could easily lounge in it, be invaded by a little one or two, and still have room.

It's also stable, so you're not likely to tip out like some comedy sketch on the TV. However, do watch the kids on it. Our youngest started to think it was a climbing frame and swing. If misused, it will tip someone out.

kids using the hammock

Keep an eye on younger kids using the hammock

The Down Sides

Yes, we like the Outwell Miramar Hammock.

However, there are a couple of downsides. Well, one downside and one niggle.

The biggest problem we've found is that it is still big and heavy when folded. You'd be hard-pushed to fit this in the boot of your car.

When packed it measures 27 x 29 x 118 cm and weighs 17kg

For tent camping, we have a fairly large trailer, but I'm not sure I could fit it in with all the other bits we take.

When taking the caravan, it's been OK since it is just one huge trailer. Though, when we don't have the awning on the caravan, it doesn't have anywhere to go.

So that's the biggest problem. Ensure you take note of the weight and dimensions and that you can take it camping.

If you can't, it does still work equally well at home :-)  And with its quick folding mechanism, easy to put up when the sun shines and take down again when the rain appears!

The niggle I mention is that it doesn't swing very far.

I understand why, as swinging too much could cause the hammock stand to tip over.  However, I do like a hammock that swings slightly.


A really good folding hammock solution with a good quality hammock. I found it cheaper than many hammock stands and hammocks on Amazon, yet the Outwell Miramar Hammock folds up much better than those you might need to have permanently in the garden.

Please note the folded dimensions if you are taking the Outwell Miramar hammock camping.

Outwell Miramar Summer Hammock

The Outwell Miramar Summer Hammock


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