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The Outwell Kimberley is a handy side table for camping. And it looks very smart too.

There are essential camping items, and there are non-essential items, and the Outwell Kimberley is definitely non-essential. However, it is a very convenient and smart piece of camping furniture 🙂

Think of it as a small round coffee table for your tent or while sitting outside. And with its bamboo top, it definitely looks and feels very up-market and adds a bit of glam sophistication to your tent.

Pack Size and Setting Up

The Outwell Kimberley comes in a useful Outwell carry and storage case.

I’ve always found these Outwell bags handy for keeping items clean, making them easy to transport.

Outwell Kimberley in the pack

The Outwell Kimberley comes with a useful storage and transport case. The pack size is 45 x 65 x 8 cm.

Setting up the table is very straightforward.

Unfold the legs and the tabletop, then make sure the legs are locked into place.

Unfolding the Outwell Kimberley

The Outwell Kimberley unfolds, with the legs locking into place.

Using the Table

The table is just the right height to place things you want to hand when you’re sitting in chairs—drinks, snacks, books, games, toys, etc.

Breakfast in the tent

Using the Outwell Kimberley table for breakfast.

Of course, it’s not a table that everyone can sit around and eat at.

For small kids, the Outwell Kimberley might be a good height for drawing or playing at, but not if you have toddlers that pull themselves up on furniture, as the table will tip over if they put their weight on it.


This is a welcome addition to our camping kit. We may not take it for just a quick single night’s camping, but when we’re staying longer and in a larger tent, this is on the list to take. We all found it to be a great bit of kit.

Thumbs Up

Many thanks to Outwell for providing us with an Outwell Kimberley table to review.

7.8Expert Score
This is a premium item to glam up your tent. It looks fantastic and is very practical, but it comes with a price tag.
Value for Money
Family Friendly
  • Great handy table to have by your chairs.
  • Comes with a bag to store and transport.
  • Looks very smart with its bamboo top.
  • Expensive. If you only want a small table, there are other options (like the Outwell Nain Low Table we reviewed). However, this is much bigger and looks very smart.

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45 x 65 x 8

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