Outwell Katla

Outwell Katla Fan and Heater

Outwell Katla Fan and Heater

The Outwell Katla fan heater has two power settings and safety features for using it in your tent.

Review Score

Our Score: 9.4/10

We've given the Outwell Katla Fan and Heater the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
QualityFamily FriendlyPracticalityValue for MoneyQuietnessHeat Output

The good

  • Quiet for a fan heater
  • Different temperatures, including no heat
  • Oscillating
  • Good cable length
  • Overheat cut-off
  • Tilt cut-off
  • Two power settings
  • Dust filter

The not so good

  • None found

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Outwell Katla Fan and Heater has a recommended retail price of £51.99.

The best price we've found so far is £29.95. That's £22.04 off the RRP of £51.99.

Outwell Katla Fan and Heater Videos

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Outwell Katla

Outwell Katla

Tilting the Outwell Katla for the Cut-off

Outwell Katla Cut-off

Outwell Katla Fan Controls

Outwell Katla Controls

Our Review

The Outwell Katla is a heater and fan. I first saw the Katla at an event for new 2019 camping gear, and Outwell kindly agreed to send me one over for a review ;-)

The Katla Fan Heater

I think this unit looks quite smart and a little bit more polished than cheaper fans. However, putting looks aside, how does this fan heater perform?

Well, on the practical side, it's not heavy (only 1.5kg) and comes with a very long power lead (3 metres).

It has different temperature settings, and I found it put out a good deal of heat quite quickly. It can also oscillate to put more of the heat around your tent.

Outwell Katla Fan Controls

The Outwell Katla has oscillating and temperature controls.

Outwell have also taken safety into account when you use this in your tent has it has both overheat protection and will automatically turn off it gets knocked over.

Tilting the Outwell Katla for the Cut-off

A feature I really liked on the Outwell Katla is the auto-switch off when it is tilted. A great safety feature in case the heater gets accidentally knocked over.

Although it still makes a noise (it is a fan heater after all), I did find it relatively quiet, even on full settings.

Listen to our video to get an idea of how loud it gets.

Another feature I discovered on the Outwell Katla, is a mesh grill at the back of the unit. This helps prevent the fan from blowing dust around your tent and building-up inside the fan (dust in your heater is a safety hazard).

Good in hot weather too

While most of us use fan heaters when camping in cooler weather, remember fan heaters like this Outwell Katla also have a no heat setting. If you have camped in hot weather, you will know your tent can soon become unbearably hot. Having a fan like this could help blow cooler air in your tent, especially if positioned near a door.

Another advantage of using a fan in hot weather is that flies don't tend to like the blowing air, and so running a fan could help reduce flies in your tent if you have all the doors open.


Well, apart from a quick test, the weather hasn't been cold enough to thoroughly test it as a heater at the time of writing this review ;-)

However, from the test that I have done, I highly recommend this bit of kit.

Update - 2020.05.03

So we have tested on a cold Spring night and this heater worked exceptionally well. It was really quiet, much better than our previous heater. Plus, it put out a lot of heat and not a lot of dust, unlike some other heaters.

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It gets the Thumb's Up Award.


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