Outwell Hurricane Pump

Keeping your tent (or caravan) clean with the Outwell Hurricane Vacuum Pump

Outwell Hurricane Vacuum Pump

The Outwell Hurricane is an interesting design. It's both a pump and a vacuum cleaner in one little package. We give it a try.

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Our Score: 7.8/10

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The good

  • The Outwell Hurricane is a powerful little pump that can help you keep your tent clean.

The not so good

  • The cable is only about 1m long so it won't stretch far. Can only be used on 3 pin plug (i.e. with an Electric Hook-up), not 12V supply from your car.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Outwell Hurricane Pump

Outwell Hurricane Pump Review

Our Review

We’ve tried a few electric pumps over the years. Some of these pumps also have the ability to deflate items.

Apart from occasionally using a pump to get the air completely out of things, the ability to deflate has been quite an underused feature. Until now that is.

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Introducing the Outwell Hurricane Pump

The Hurricane pump from Outwell is quite a small little pump that packs quite a punch.

That’s not surprising, as unlike many other pumps that you might take camping to inflate things like air beds, this pump uses a 3-pin mains plug rather than your 12V supply from your car’s cigarette lighter.

That does limit the use of this pump unless you have Electric Hook-up or you are in a caravan, as we were when we tested this pump.

As pumps go, this inflates airbeds quickly.  Quickly. The difference compared to a 12V electric pump is quite astonishing.

But it’s not just a pump

Vacuum and Pump in one

As you might have guessed by now (the name gives it away), this pump is not just a pump. It’s also a vacuum cleaner!

This is a really clever use of the deflate facility, with a special attachment that collects dust and muck that you vacuum up.

The Outwell Hurricane pump could help clean up those muddy footprints on your tent carpet, and is really useful in a caravan too!

Cleaning the caravan

A powerful little vacuum that worked well cleaning the caravan

Just like when using the Hurricane as a pump, the vacuum cleaner is quite powerful for such a little device. We were really surprised at just how much it had picked up when we emptied it out.

It did get quite hot but never cut out.

The only downside we’ve found with this so far is that the cable is only about 1m long. Unless you have an electric hook-up with a long cable that you can move around your tent, you are limited to how far you can reach with the vacuum cleaner.

We certainly found this to be the case in the caravan, as there are only so many 3 pin sockets, and there's only one by the floor.

A kink in the hose

The other issue we found was that the hose would occasionally get a kink in it. I don't know if this was due to the amount of vacuum it generated or the heat of the device. It didn't stop it working, but it was something else to keep an eye on.

Despite those minor issues, the Outwell Hurricane Vacuum Pump still proved to be a handy bit of kit.


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