Outwell Heated Carpet in the tent

Did you know you can get underfloor heating for your tent?

Outwell Heated Tent Carpet

Here's another new way to heat your tent: underfloor heating! We test the Outwell heated carpet.

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Our Score: 9.7/10

We've given the Outwell Heated Tent Carpet the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • The Outwell Heated Carpet creates an amazingly warm pad in your tent that your entire family will be glued to.

The not so good

  • Of course, you need to be camping with an electric hook-up to use the carpet.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Outwell Heated Carpet in the tent

Outwell Heated Carpet in the tent

This is one way to keep warm while camping

This is one way to keep warm while camping

Our Review

Being cold can ruin a camping trip.

We've covered many ways to keep warm when camping, but now there's a new way: underfloor heating.  Yep, warm feet in your tent.

The Outwell Heated Carpet Review

Outwell sent us their new Heated Carpet for us to test...

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The carpet plugs into a standard UK power socket on your EHU extension.

It then warms up and becomes...

Fly Paper for Kids (and Grown-ups!)

When we first tested this heated carpet, the weather wasn't cold, but it wasn't always warm.

It was easy to find the kids as they would be lying on the heated carpet, not wanting to move from it.

The carpet puts out a gentle heat that is more noticeable when you put pressure on the carpet, such as when you stand or sit on it.

I found the heat much nicer than a fan heater, which can dry out the air. It's a real luxury in your tent.

Where to put it

Outwell demonstrated the heated carpet outside the bedrooms, providing a warm place to stand. Outwell have warnings about not overlapping the carpet to prevent it from overheating.

We placed it outside the bedrooms and the living space. It certainly makes a cosy place to sit.

Outwell Heated Carpet in the tent

Outwell Heated Carpet in the tent

We did try placing some of the carpet under the bedrooms. This provided some warmth underfoot in the bedrooms, but it wasn't noticeable that it provided much warmth to the bedrooms. However, I didn't put much of the carpet under the bedrooms for safety reasons, and it wasn't too cold anyway.

The carpets come in a couple of sizes, so you'll need to work out what usable space you'd have in your tent.

We have also used it in a smaller 3-person tent, where the carpet covered the entire sleeping area. We tried sleeping on top of it. It was great at warming the sleeping bags up, but we soon got too hot! Perhaps it would be different in winter.

Outwell Heated Carpet up close

Outwell Heated Carpet up close


If you want to glam up your tent and extend your camping season from Spring through to October, this is another item to put on your shopping list. 

It creates a much more pleasant environment than fan heaters, which dry the air.

Tent Heated Carpet Good or Bad

The idea of having a heated carpet in your tent has been well received, but there's also the counterargument...

Heated Carpets in Tents: Good or Bad?

"We love camping but have only been able to go camping during summer.Mrs Goodlife hates getting cold and especially hates having cold feet. With this heated carpet, we'll get away with the kids as soon as Easter school holidays start, and maybe even the October half term if the weather isn't too bad."
- Mr. Goodlife

"A heated carpet isn't real camping. Plenty of ways to keep warm in the tent without using an electric hook-up. You can even find how to keep warm on this website. The idea that kids can only go camping when there are electric gizmos is ridiculous." - Mr. Outdoorsman

OK, Mr Goodlife and Mr Outdoorsman are not real people but represent some real opinions.

But it doesn't matter what they think. What do you think? Are  heated-carpets in tents good or bad?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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