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SKU: Hartsdale 6PA Tent
Brand: Outwell

We think the Outwell Hartsdale 6PA tent is an excellent tent for family camping holidays, with lots of new family-friendly design features.

The Outwell Hartsdale 6PA is a new family inflatable tent introduced by Outwell in 2020. It sleeps six in two bedrooms, though you can also get a smaller four-person version, the Outwell Hartsdale 4PA.

It’s an inflatable tent but does have some steel poles too for the front porch.

This is quite a large tent, and so ideal if you are taking your family away for a longer camping break. The Hartsdale has a few interesting design features to help with family camping holidays.

ideal if you are taking your family away for a longer camping break

Outwell Hartsdale 6PA Tent Info

The New Wing Lounge

When you are on a more extended camping holiday, staying at the same place for several days, a spacious tent is handy, especially for everyone’s clothes and bits and pieces needed for a family holiday.

The Outwell Hartsdale tent provides additional living space with what Outwell call a Wing Lounge, which is an extra living space to the side of the main living area that you could use in a variety of ways:

  • A seating area
  • A storage area with cupboards for clothes
  • More space for a dining table inside if it’s wet
  • An area for the children to play

One thing I noticed is that you do not get full head height in this area, but if you are using it for any of the suggested uses, this will not be a problem.

Great Outdoor Space

The front of the Hartsdale has a porch that I recommend, as it provides fantastic shelter from the wind and any rain, letting you enjoy more of the outdoors.

Plus, if it does rain, it’s quick and easy to fold up your chairs and place them in this shelter to keep them dry.

The doors on the front of the tent fully open too, if you want to open up your living space to the outdoors.

New Magnetic Bedroom Doors

A new feature from Outwell in 2020 is the Quick and Quiet inner doors.

At first, you might think they’re a bit of a gimmick, but after spending some time with them, I found them a great addition to the tent.

Outwell has sewn magnets into the door fabric. To enter the bedroom, you pull apart with no need for unzipping.

Getting into the bedroom without the need to unzip may not sound a big deal – and it isn’t. However, these magnets are weighted just right, so that when you let the door close behind you, it automatically closes shut.

I know it’s just magnets, but it looks cool when the door closes itself πŸ™‚

I think this is going to be a practical feature for families as kids typically can’t reach the zip for bedrooms. Now, they can come and go, and the bedroom doors will close themselves. If your child doesn’t like bugs in the bedroom, the Quick and Quiet doors well help them keet the bugs out.

Outwell Quick and Quiet Doors

Kids typically can’t reach the zip for bedrooms. Now, they can come and go and the bedroom doors will close themselves.

Of you do wish to zip the door close “the old fashioned way”, then you can as the doors come with a zip too.

Large Bedrooms

The Outwell Hartsdale 6PA has the Outwell Premier Bedrooms, which are taller, have a more vertical back (ideal for camp beds) and a minimum length of 215 cm.

Although rated as a six-person tent, the Outwell Hartsdale 6PA will be better suited for a family of four or five, giving mum and dad that bit extra space πŸ™‚

Flexible Lighting with the HookTrack System

The Outwell Hartsdale 6PA is equipped with Outwell’s new HookTrack system.

There is a track that runs around the tent that the HookTrack System accessory can clip to. (I’ve been told that some clips are supplied with the tent).

This system allows you to position lighting and other lightweight accessories to where you want them. You’re no longer limited to where the lantern hook is placed in the tent.

Outwell HookTrack System

For more information, tap here to read on the Outwell website.

9Expert Score
We think the Outwell Hartsdale 6PA tent is an excellent tent for family camping holidays, with lots of new family-friendly design features.
Family Friendly
Value for Money
  • A good-sized tent for a family of 4 or 5 wanting a tent for a camping holiday.
  • An excellent porch on the front to help protect from the elements.
  • The new Quick and Quiet inner doors are great for families.
  • The Wing Lounge adds a bit more living space.
  • The bedroom divider is translucent. Some people may want a bit more privacy.

Specification: Outwell Hartsdale 6PA

Tent Details
Frame Type
Hydrostatic Head 4000 mm
Recommended Tent Use
Year Introduced 2020
Pack Size 99 x 43 x 43 cm
Weight 28.7 kg
Dimensions 565 × 530 × 210 cm

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Last updated: 2020-10-23 02:50:36

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