The Outwell Grimsby Induction Hob

Outwell Grimsby Induction Hob - Safer Cooking in your Tent

Outwell Grimsby Induction Hob

The Outwell Grimsby induction hob is a safer way to cook inside your tent.

Review Score

Our Score: 9.7/10

We've given the Outwell Grimsby Induction Hob the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
PracticalityValue for MoneyQuality

The good

  • A safer option to use in your tent.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Auto cut-off when pan removed.

The not so good

  • None really apart from it is obviously only one hob.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The Outwell Grimsby Induction Hob

Outwell Grimsby

The Outwell Grimsby Hob Controls

Outwell Grimsby Controls

Frying on the Outwell Grimsby Induction Hob

Using the Outwell Grimsby

Our Review

Cooking inside your tent is not generally recommended. Obviously, there is the risk of fire, but there's also the hidden danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Well, this next camping gadget we're reviewing doesn't use flame and doesn't put out carbon monoxide, making it a safer option for cooking in your tent.

When I first saw the new Outwell Grimsby induction hob, I thought this was a great idea: a portable induction hob that can be run off an Electric Hook-Up. Fortunately, Outwell agreed to send me one over to review :-)

Using the Outwell Grimsby Induction Hob

When I first got the Outwell Grimsby out of its box, I was reminded how smart this hob looked. It's sleek, modern, and looks very high-tech. It looks much more modern than the small electric camping hobs you can get.

The Outwell Grimsby Hob Controls

The preset cooking controls.

There are many controls on the front of the Grimsby hob. Reading the manual, there are lots of options, including one for cooking fresh soup at the campsite!

You don't need to use all the presets if you don't want to. You can simply turn it on and adjust the temperature.

Another safe feature is that the hob doesn't get hot until a pan is placed on it. It also cuts out when you lift the pan off.

After placing the pan on the induction hob, it immediately got hot. This is very different from cooking with an electric hob, and also much quicker than when using gas outside at the campsite.

On the fry setting, it quickly got very hot; I had to turn the temperature down!

Frying on the Outwell Grimsby Induction Hob

My first use of the Outwell Grimsby.

Once I had finished using the hob, it didn't take too long to cool down.


I really like this bit of kit and looking at the price search, you can pick it up at a reasonable price.

If you are camping with an electric hook-up and already use a kettle in your tent, this would be a useful addition. It's also smaller and lighter than taking your typical family gas camping stove.

Yes, there is only one hob, and with the power demands, you can't run two at once on EHU. However, if two hobs isn't a necessity, this is a great bit of camping kit for those that use electric hook-ups.

It gets the Thumbs Up Award.

Note: If you do use this to cook inside your tent, then make sure your tent is well-ventilated to avoid condensation build-up, and if you are frying, make sure it is well away from the sides of your tent so that any spitting hot oil doesn't ruin your tent material or its waterproof coating.


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