Outwell Georgia 7P

Outwell Georgia 7P Family Tent - Great Layout for Growing Families

Outwell Georgia 7P Family Tent

The Outwell Georgia 7P is a great layout if you have 3-4 kids or two teenagers. With 3 sleeping pods and a large panoramic living area. Ideal for family camping holidays.

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Outwell Georgia 7P

An Outwell Gerogia 7P – one of Outwell’s premium range of tents

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The Outwell Georgia 7P has plenty of living space for that camping holiday, along with a panoramic living area that enables you to sit and enjoy the view even if it gets a bit breezy or starts to rain!

Outwell Georgia 7P Tent 2013 Premium Collection

Outwell's Georgia 7P tent gives you plenty of room for that camping holiday and is an ideal size if you have 3-4 kids or 2 teenagers.

This is one of Outwell's premium family tents.

For us we have two girls and a boy, and the Georgia 7P's layout is our preferred option.

Outwell Georgia 7P Layout - ideal for 2-4 kids, or 2 teenagers who want independence.

Normally 3 bedroom tents have all their sleeping compartments in a row.  With Outwell's Georgia 7P tent you get one larger bedroom (a 3 person - bag for Mum and Dad!), and two separate double compartments that run down the side.

The sleeping compartments aren't interconnected either (which teenagers will appreciate), and if not everyone comes camping, a sleeping pod can be removed to make a larger living space.

This gives everyone a little bit of independence from each other.

Outwell have also included a hanging rail at the back, so if you don't want to use the rear door, you have a tent complete with wardrobe.

Living Area Compromised?

Outwell Georgia 7P Interior - 3 sleeping pods and a large panoramic living area

When you walk into the main part of the Georgia 7P, the layout does give a feel of a corridor, and with a sleeping area immediately inside the main area, some people may feel that the living area is compromised.  We don't think this is the case.

Yes the tent is slightly smaller than some other layouts, but the Georgia 7P comes with two living areas: the one by the sleeping pods, and the main 'Panoramic' area.

The area by the sleeping pod is best for bags and cupboards for clothes.  The panorama room is for table, chairs, and storing kitchen items.

If you wish, you can fully open the divider between the two living areas.

The living space is nice and bright thanks to the white roof of the tent.  However, Outwell have thought of those early Summer mornings, and the roof of the sleeping pods have been darkened for a better night's sleep.

Outwell Georgia 7P Video

Here's a video tour from Outwell.

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Pitching the Outwell Georgia 7P

Outwell are one of the few tent manufacturers that supply proper tent pegs.

With the tent, you'll receive 3 different tent pegs as part of the Outwell pegging system.

The silver metal pegs go to anchor the four corners of the tent.  The brightly coloured pegs are used with the brightly coloured guy lines, and the black pegs are used with the black pegging points around the base of the tent.

Being part of Outwell's premium collection the tent poles are steel and not fibreglass (as with many tents).  But don't worry - the poles slot together easily just like fibreglass poles do.

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Outwell Georgia 7P Specs

  • Material is Outtex 5000.  This is a polyester based material with a hydrostatic head of 5000mm.  All the seams have been taped to prevent leaks.
  • The grounds sheet is double coated with a 10000mm hydrostatic head.
  • The tent weighs 28.2kg, and the poles weigh 18.6kg, so make sure you can transport around 37kg of tent.
  • Inside the sleeping pods are made from breathable polyester, and there's vents around the tent to reduce the build up of condensation.
  • There are handy design features in the tent such as useful storage pockets and a lantern holder with cable tidies.
  • Large windows with easy to zip up curtains.
  • Also includes a repair kit.

Like the layout but want something smaller?

If you just have two children but like the bedroom arrangement of the Georgia 7P then you might want to take a look at it's smaller cousin, the Outwell Georgia 5P Tent.  Instead of the double sleeping pods down the side it has two single pods.


Outwell Alabama 7P 2015 Review

2015 Update

The Outwell Georgia in this form was discontinued but replaced by the Outwell Alabama in 2015.


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