Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater

Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater - Keeping the family tent warm

Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater - Keeping the family tent warm

This tent heater from Outwell provides a safe way to heat a family tent despite being an halogen heater. No gas. No carbon monoxide.

Review Score

Our Score: 8.3/10

We've given the Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater - Keeping the family tent warm the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Value for MoneyQualityHeat OutputFamily Friendly

The good

  • Provides a good amount of heat.
  • Provides a warm light too.
  • It is safely off the ground.
  • It's quiet, unlike a fan heater.
  • It doesn't make the air stuffy, unlike a fan heater.

The not so good

  • It doesn't blow heat into the far corners of your tent like a fan heater does.
  • You need to space in your tent for it. You don't want people walking into a hot halogen heater.
  • We would like to see a longer power cord.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater - Keeping the family tent warm has a recommended retail price of £133.00.

The best price we've found so far is £39.99. That's £93.01 off the RRP of £133.00.

Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater - Keeping the family tent warm Photos

Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater

Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater

Our Review

Now usually when camping in colder weather your choices are limited to a Fan Heater, or if you can transport it, a small oil fired radiator to heat your tent.

Sure, there are gas heaters, but I wouldn't use them with my family due to the risk from carbon monoxide poisoning - yes, I know, modern gas heaters are safer, but there's still a risk.

And then there are halogen heaters.  These are electric but can get very hot - hot enough to cause fires or melt tents (some campsites have banned them), and heaven forbid a child falling on one. So generally, we recommend caution when family camping and avoid halogen heaters.

However, Outwell has come up with a very smart design where the halogen heater is suspended from your tent's lantern hook.  This drastically reduces the risk of fire and means no kids are going to fall on it.

The Outwell Fuji heater comes in two settings, either at 600W or 1500W.  You won't be able to use it on the full 1500W if the campsite only has a 5A supply, but you'll be fine on full heat at campsites with a 10A or 16A supply (with obvious care not to run too many power-hungry appliances that cause the power to trip - see our guide to Electric Hookups).

1500W is a lot of heat output for halogen, and so you'll probably only use that setting to take the initial chill off and then switch to the 600W heat setting.

Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater hanging in the tent

It comes with a 5M cord, which should be plenty long enough to run down the cord-tidy from your lantern holder to where your electric hook-up unit is.

You don't lose all the light with the heater in the lantern's slot either since the halogen heating element gives off a soft, warm glow to create a bit of 'mood lighting'.

Most importantly, it doesn't give off carbon monoxide, and so it's safe to use in your tent.

If you have a strong enough awning you could even use it semi-outside (it's rated for patio use as well) to take the chill off when sitting out in the evening.

Things to Note on Safety


The Outwell Fuji Electric Tent Heater weighs 1.6kg (so about three small bags of sugar).  If you have a small tent with fibreglass tent poles, this may be a bit heavy, causing your tent to sag in the middle (or worse, collapse).  A sagging middle is not what you want if it rains as water could pool, making the problem worse, or even causing a leak on a poorly sealed tent.

A steel-framed tent (and probably most air-beamed tents) should be OK.

Make sure your lantern hook is strong enough for it.  A small velcro loop will not be safe enough, and you do not want a hot halogen lantern falling.

It should also be positioned at least 60cm from the tent ceiling to avoid causing damage to the tent.  It will, therefore, hang down, so to avoid walking into it, place a table of furniture underneath as in the photo (though watch what you put on that table is it will get warm).

You should also only ever use a proper electric hook-up unit when connecting up to the campsite power supply.

Finally, the diameter is 42.5cm, which will help distribute the heat to a broader area, but take those dimensions into account when packing as you don't want to squash or damage it (and of course, only take down and pack away when it is cool).

Also for Caravan Awnings

We've been using the Outwell Fuji heater to warm our caravan awning. Here's it hanging in our Outwell Tide caravan awning.

Heater light

The heater provides a warm light too

Warming up the caravan awning

The warm glow of the Outwell heater in the awning

You can see a video of our Outwell Fuji heater here:

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Alternative Tent Heater

An alternative also comes from Outwell.  They produce the Etna Camping Heater, which is slightly cheaper, but only has one setting at 800W, so not as flexible as this Fuji model.

Reviews & Resources

"very powerful on its highest heat setting", Mick, CampingWorld customer.


The Outwell tent heater is at the upper end of the market and is considerably more expensive than a cheap fan heater.  However, with halogen, you get significantly more heat for the power, and this design is a better choice for families than other floor-standing halogen heaters.


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