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Outwell Flagstaff 6ATC

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If you are after a polycotton inflatable family tent that’s ideal for those family camping breaks, then the Outwell Flagstaff 6ATC is something to consider.

The Outwell Flagstaff 6ATC has a successful family camping tent layout, with bedrooms running along the back of the tent, a good sized living space, and a very handy porch on the front.

The Flagstaff 6ATC has the Ambassador bedrooms, which are larger than standard bedrooms. They also have their own cable entry, making it practical to run powered lighting or a phone charger in the bedroom.

With a good sized living area, you can fit in a table plus a storage cupboard, as shown in our walk around video above.

The front porch design is also very good, providing good shelter if the weather isn’t so great, along with plenty of windows for a great view.

If you want even more living space, you can also buy an awning for the Flagstaff 6ATC.

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The Accessories

In our video above, where I walk around an Outwell Flagstaff 6ATC that Outwell had set-up, there were lots of accessories that give an idea of what the tent could look like in use.
Personally, I find this sort of thing quite useful, as it gives you a much better idea of the amount of usable space once you start putting in the the things you typically might use on a family camping trip.
Below are the accessories I note in the video in case you wanted to learn more about them.

The Outwell Acadia was shown in the front porch of the Flagstaff 6ATC, which is a great place to put the lounger 🙂
Of course, this is can be used as a chair or as a full recliner.

The Outwell Roast is a gas BBQ that comes with some fold out side tables.
Obviously, it’s shown here in the front porch for demonstration purposes but you would use it further away from the tent. Placing it on a small table would also make things easier.

The kids sleeping bags shown here are the Outwell Batboy and Butterfly Girl.
You can also get matching sleeping mats and pillows.

The Outwell Sargas Lamp is something that we’ve reviewed before and found it to be a great little lantern that folds up to save space.

New for 2017 is the shiny black surface that has appeared on some of the tent furniture from Outwell, such as the 4-person Toronto M folding camping table.

Finally, a cupboard can be a useful item when on a family camping holiday as it helps keep things off the floor, and if you have younger kids, helps you keep a few things out of reach too!

This is the Outwell Bahamas cupboard, which fits neatly in the front corner of the Outwell Flagstaff 6ATC, as well as a great many of their other tents.

9.2Expert Score
If you are after a polycotton inflatable family tent that's ideal for those family camping breaks, then the Outwell Flagstaff 6ATC is something to consider.
Family Friendly
Value for Money
  • The Outwell Flagstaff 6ATC is a great family tent layout, with good living and sleeping space.
  • Going for a tent that is both inflatable and polycotton does push it into the more expensive end of family tents. If you like the layout but the Flagstaff 6ATC is out of your budget, you can find the same Outwell tent design cheaper but with fewer options.

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