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Outwell ECOLUX Coolbox Review

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We take the Outwell ECOLUX 35L coolbox for a test and find it has some great features for family camping.

The ECOLUX is a stunningly beautiful looking powered coolbox from Outwell, with its glossy white exterior, and smart metal and bamboo handle. Our first thoughts on seeing it were, if Apple made coolboxes, they’d look like this.

if Apple made coolboxes, they’d look like this.

But is the beauty only skin deep? How well does it perform as a coolbox? We take it for a spin to try out.

Inside the Coolbox

The coolbox is quite a good size. You can even stand 2litre bottles upright in it.


The ECOLUX has an LED light in the lid that comes on when connected to power. Useful for finding things when it’s dark!

When the ECOLUX is connected to power, there’s also a handy light that comes on when the lid is opened.

Talking of the lid, it has a split lid, so that you can easily access the section with bottles in, leaving the main compartment sealed, keeping items colder for longer.

The split lid

The lid on the ECOLUX 35L is split so that you can open just one side, keeping the main compartment sealed.

The smaller section is separated from the main section with a removable divider. This can be filled with water and frozen before you use the coolbox. It’s basically one giant ice pack.

The iceblock divider

The divider can be taken out, filled with water, and frozen before you use the coolbox

Powering the ECOLUX

The ECOLUX can run on DC power, such as from your car. It is also 230V and can run off your mains electricity supply at home or an electric hook-up at the campsite.

If you are on EHU, it does mean that you can keep things cooler for longer…but note that this is a coolbox and not a fridge.

The Outwell ECOLUX Control Panel.

As you can see, it’s easy to switch between AC and DC power. You can also set it to Hot or Cold.

There’s also a USB port for charging your phone, but only when you take the coolbox off ECO mode.

Inside the box you get two leads: one for a DC connection with your car, and another for AC.

Now unfortunately, the box I was testing was the European version, and so had the European AC lead. However, you can see the correct UK lead in the picture below.

The Outwell ECOLUX Power Leads

With the ECOLUX you get a DC power lead and an AC power lead (with a UK 3-pin plug)

Taking the Outwell ECOLUX Camping

Testing the Outwell ECOLUX

We took the Outwell ECOLUX camping on a baking hot weekend.

Before we set-off, we plugged in the ECOLUX into the power to start it cooking down. Just make sure that it’s switched to Cold and not Hot 😉

We also filled the large ice-pack divider and put it in the freezer – though not long enough for it to freeze.

Of course, a big advantage of having this coolbox is that it works off your car’s power, keeping your food cool when you travel, and also can plug into the EHU at the campsite, without the need of a power converter.

this coolbox… works off your car’s power… and also can plug into the EHU at the campsite, without the need of a power converter.

However, we weren’t going to be using an electric hook-up when camping.

This was going to be a good test of the coolbox. Some powered coolboxes don’t insulate too well when not connected to the power.

Some immediate things we discovered with the coolbox as soon as we got to the campsite was that the flies loved the white! It was soon covered in little bugs that we had to keep brushing off.

I also found some good and band points with the handle. It folds down flat so that it’s easier to pack into your car. However, the handle isn’t that comfortable when carrying a full coolbox.

But despite the exceptionally hot weather and not having the coolbox plugged in, it was still cool the next day, despite being in regular use. That’s not a completely scientific test, but it certainly performed very well considering the conditions – and the fact that we hadn’t frozen the iceblock.


Although you can get some smaller and cheaper coolboxes, the Outwell ECOLUX looks really smart and performs really well.

We also like some of the handy features, such as the large built-in iceblock and the split lid.

We give the ECOLUX the thumbs up.

Disclaimer & Thanks: A big thank you to Outwell for sending us over the ECOLUX that we requested to review. All opinions are our own.

9.5Expert Score
The Outwell ECOLUX 35L is a great coolbox designed for family camping.
Value for Money
  • A great looking coolbox that we found performed well, with some great features for practical family camping, such as storing large 2L bottles upright and the split lid to easily access them.
  • The handle wasn't that comfortable, but other than that, not found much to complain about.

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  1. Matt

    I paid for this cooler and was really disappointed by it. Sure it looks great, and they have rounded the handles, but the thing makes nearly 60db of noise on the Max setting. That’s a lot of noise. Outwell found it difficult to provide me with a straight answer as to whether this was normal or not, however they did concede that the advertised noise output was on Eco setting and that I should unplug it when I want to sleep… Definitely not a product I could recommend.

    + PROS: Stylish, keeps things cold
    - CONS: Noisey
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    • Mountain Leaders
      Chat BadgeModule Completion Badge

      Gav Grayston

      Thanks for the update Matt. Ours is relatively quiet, but I don’t think we’ve left it running at max.
      Glad they’ve rounded the handles, but disappointing with the noise.

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