Summer Side of the Outwell Dreamboat

Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm

Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm

A very comfortable self-inflating mat that's insulated too.

Review Score

Our Score: 9.5/10

We've given the Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
QualityComfortValue for Money

The good

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to pack away
  • Pack size not too big considering the size of mat

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm has a recommended retail price of £206.99.

The best price we've found so far is £157.27. That's £49.72 off the RRP of £206.99.

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Summer Side of the Outwell Dreamboat

Summer Side

Our Review

A few years ago, we bought an Outwell Dreamboat. At the time, this was one of the most comfortable self-inflating mats that I had ever tried.

And it still is. Our Outwell Dreamboat has been used on hundreds of camping trips and is still in good condition.

However, a few years later, and, as you would expect, the design of this self-inflating mat has been further improved.

I was impressed when I saw the new Outwell Dreamboat, and fortunately, Outwell agreed to send me one to review.

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The first thing you notice with the new Outwell Dreamboat is the size when it’s packed. It now takes up much less space.

We were sent a 7.5 cm thick single Dreamboat, so not the thickest version. However, compared to similar-sized SIMs, this was a much tighter packing than before. Would it be this small, though, after I packed it away?


The Outwell Dreamboat now includes the new air valves we reviewed last year.

Dreamboat Valve

The easy inflate and deflate valves on the Outwell Dreamboat mat

These valves help with inflating and deflating the SIM. Simply switch to inflate, and let the bag start to inflate.


Outwell has updated the design to use their newer high-flow rate valves, which make inflation and deflation easier.

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Did it self-inflate?

Well, not completely.

This was the first time I had tried inflating the self-inflating mat, and so to be expected. Manufacturers recommend that you keep self-inflating mats unrolled at home, storing them flat. This will help the mat self-inflate when you next use it, as the mat will want to return to it’s inflated state.

Unfortunately, this mat had been rolled up tight since the factory, so it didn’t have that ‘memory’ to re-inflate.

After leaving the mat for some time, it didn’t completely self-inflate. Fortunately, with the air valves, it’s easy to blow in to add more air. This is not ideal, as it gets moisture inside the mat, which can turn to mould.

Storing the mat flat at home with the valves open can help the mat dry out.

Size when inflated

When inflated, the Outwell Dreamboat is a good size.

We compared it with another SIM, a 10 cm SIM from Thermarest, and the ‘smaller’ Outwell Dreamboat was wider and, although just 7.5 cm, appeared to be the same height as the 10 cm SIM.

Dreamboat Warm Side

When you see this on the mat, you have it 'summer side'.


Another neat trick of the Outwell Dreamboat is its Summer and Winter mode.

When the Winter symbol shows, the mat is insulated to help keep you warmer when the weather is cold.

The Winter side of the Outwell Dreamboat

This is the winter side. There is extra insulation over the air chambers, keeping you warmer in the cold months.

When the Summer symbol shows, the mat can help cool you down on warm summer nights.

Summer Side of the Outwell Dreamboat

This is the summer side with the air chambers showing. These help move heat away from the body, helping you cool down.


The Outwell Dreamboat is super comfortable. Even the 7.5 cm mat provides plenty of support and doesn’t make the ground hard.

Laying on the Outwell Dreamboat

We found the Dreamboat very comfortable.

Deflating the Outwell Dreamboat

So, it's a good size, insulated, and comfortable. How easily does the Dreamboat roll up?

Well, that wasn't a problem, either!

Setting the valve to deflate

Setting the valves to 'Deflate'.

Squeezing the air out of the mat

First, fold and squeeze as much air out of the SIM as possible

Mat not re-inflating

The valves stop the mat from re-inflating while you put it away. This makes it much easier than traditional self-inflating mats.

Rolling up the self-inflating mat

Once the air has been squeezed out, unfold it and start rolling up the mat from the opposite end to the valves.

Putting the straps back on

Finally, once rolled, put the elastic straps back on and place the Dreamboat mat back in its bag.


So, what's our verdict?

Well, we really like this sleeping mat from what we've tested so far. Yes, it is very expensive, but if you plan on camping for many nights, either in one go or several camping trips throughout the year, this might be worth the money for a better night's sleep.

It gets the thumbs up from us.


AttributeOutwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm
Best Price£157.27
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Height (cm)7.5
Width (cm)77
Length (cm)200
Weight (kg)2.3
Pack Size (cm)80 x 17
R-ValueSummer: 2.7 (-2C) Winter: 3.5 (-8C)
Mat Depth (cm)7.5
Number of Valves1
Re-Inflation PreventionYes