Outwell Deepsleep Double

Outwell Deepsleep Double with a new Easy-to-Use Valve

Outwell Deepsleep Double

SIMs can provide a much better night's sleep than air beds, but you might find them difficult to put away. Now there's a solution to that problem.

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Our Score: 9/10

We've given the Outwell Deepsleep Double the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • The Outwell Deepsleep double is a great self-inflating mat for family camping. And now even easier to use with the new Outwell Air Flow Control Valve.

The not so good

  • Of course, it's a lot more expensive than an air bed, but we think you'll have a better night's sleep with one of these.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Outwell Deepsleep Double

Outwell Deepsleep Double

Outwell Deepsleep

Outwell Deepsleep

Put in the bag

Put in the bag

Deepsleep top

Deepsleep top

Outwell Deepsleep R-Value

Outwell Deepsleep R-Value

Our Review

When we started family camping all those years ago, the only real option for sleeping was the airbed.

Fortunately, camping technology has moved on somewhat. We've been really impressed with the family camping Self-Inflating Mats from Outwell, as they are both comfortable and provide good ground insulation - something air beds can't do.

However, a lot of people find it difficult to get all the air out of the mats before putting them away, and this is especially the case for the larger family camping SIMs.

Well, Outwell has developed another innovation, the Outwell Air Flow Control Valve, making inflating and deflating self-inflating mats much easier.

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The Outwell Air Flow Control Valve

The valve

The Outwell Air Flow Control Valve is a great bit of design, and much easier to use than the traditional self-inflating mat valves.

Switch the valve to the middle position, and air can flow in and out of the SIM. You leave one valve in this position to let the mat self-inflate.

Then, simply switch it so that it says 'Airtight' and the valve will let air in but not out. You can even blow into the valve when it is set to 'Airtight' to make the mat firmer.

To deflate, well, it's pretty obvious: you simply switch the valve to 'Deflate'. Now it will let the air out, but not in.

This makes it so much easier to pack away self-inflating mats with this valve. With traditional valves, the mat would be trying to reinflate itself as you tried to put it away. Not anymore for SIMs that have the Air Flow Control Valve.

Using the Valve on the Outwell Deepsleep Double

Outwell sent us over an Outwell Deepsleep Double SIM to put the valve to the test.

Top of the mat

The Outwell Deepsleep is very comfortable self-inflating mat. This one is 7.5cm thick, has a brushed fabric top, and an R-Value of 7.7.

R Value

If you use this SIM with the new Outwell Inlayzzz bedroom carpet, as shown in the picture, which has an R-Value of 1-1, you are going to have a much warmer night when the weather turns cooler.

How to fold up the Outwell Deepsleep

Here are some simple steps to getting the Outwell Deepsleep back into its bag.

First, switch the Outwell Air Flow Control Valves to Deflate.

Switch the valve to Deflate

Then, fold the Outwell Deepsleep in half, making the width of a single SIM.

Fold in half

Fold the double SIM in half down the centre line

Gradually fold the SIM to get the air out. Use your weight to help it deflate quicker.

Folding to expel the air

Give the SIM a few folds and lean on it to force the air out

Unfold the SIM but keep it folded down the centre. You now need to roll up the Deepsleep SIM, starting at the end of the SIM that doesn't have the valves.

Rolling the mat up

Roll up the SIM, rolling towards the open valves

Grab the compression straps and secure them around your rolled-up SIM.

Securing with the straps

Secure your SIM with the compression straps so that it doesn't unroll

Finally, pop it in the bag.

Back in the bag

Keep your Outwell Deepsleep clean by placing it back in its bag.


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