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The Outwell Colibri is a new luxury sleeping bag, that’s easy to convert into a duvet and helps to make sleeping at camp more like sleeping in your bed at home.

Camping is so much better with a good night’s sleep. Sleeping mats, camp beds, sleeping bags, and pillows all go to help make a good night’s sleep.

Today we’re looking at a new high-end sleeping bag from Outwell, and it’s called, the Colibri.

The Outwell Colibri Luxury Sleeping Bag

The Colibri isn’t the cheapest of sleeping bags, and it’s not the most expensive either.  It’s also not the sort of sleeping bag you want if you are going backpacking or camping in extreme conditions.

It is the sort of sleeping bag you want if you want to invest in a little bit of comfort for yourself when taking the family camping.

More Options; More Space

Personally, I don’t like to feel too tight in a sleeping bag, especially when it’s warm at night. I want a bit of space to move around. And that’s something you certainly get with the Colibri.

It’s a square-shaped sleeping bag so it will appeal to those that prefer sleeping in a bed than a traditional sleeping bag. But its design doesn’t stop there.

Unzip and un-pop the sides, and you have a sleeping bag that can be opened up, with more material on the top than below, just like you would in a bed.

Feet getting too warm? No problem, un-pop the bottom and stick your feet out.

Feet too cold at night? No problem, just tuck them inside the special insulated foot pocket at the bottom of the sleeping bag.

The Colibri Foot Pocket

Feet too cold? Stuff them into this insulated foot pocket at the bottom of the sleeping bag

Want it to be just like a duvet at home? No problem there either, just unzip it all.

But…now the weather has turned colder! No problem, zip and pop it together, and it’s back to being a sleeping bag that keeps your body heat in when the weather gets cold.

Testing the Outwell Colibri

The Outwell Colibri with “the wings” out.

Testing out the Outwell Colibri

So, it’s a flexible design, but’s what the sleeping bag like to use?

We’ve used the Colibri on a few camps this year, and happily report that it’s a great sleeping bag.

The soft fabric makes it feel like a bed, and so far, we’ve used it with the sides unzipped.

The foot pocket is a good idea, but if you’re not long enough, you’ll need to pull the bag up slightly to slide your feet in.

An expensive sleeping bag, but if you want to invest in a luxury bag, it has the thumbs up from us.

Disclaimer & Thanks: A big thanks to Outwell who sent us a sample of their Colibri sleeping that we requested to review. All opinions are our own.

9.8Expert Score
Technically a 2-Season sleeping bag, but with lots of flexibility in how you use it.
Value for Money
  • A flexible sleeping bag with a luxury feel.
  • A bit more expensive than some sleeping bags.

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