Conqueror on the Centuple

Don't like sleeping under canvas? Try the Centuple system

Outwell Centuple Sleep System

If you know someone that is reluctant to go camping because they'd rather sleep in a proper bed, then check out the Outwell Centuple Sleeping System. It might just be the answer.

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We love the Outwell Centuple system. We all want to sleep on it. It gets the GOWTK Thumbs Up award.

Our Score: 9/10

We've given the Outwell Centuple Sleep System the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Value for MoneyQualityFamily FriendlyComfort

The good

  • The Outwell Centuple system will provide you with a bed-like experience when camping.

The not so good

  • You do need a tent big enough to make the most of it.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Outwell Centuple Sleep System Videos

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Outwell Centuple Sleep System Photos

Conqueror on the Centuple

Conqueror on the Centuple

Centuple and Conqueror Double

Centuple and Conqueror Double

Centuple and Posadas Bed

Centuple and Posadas Bed

Centuple Mat Thickness

Centuple Mat Thickness

Centuple and Conqueror Double

Centuple and Conqueror Double

Centuple Details

Centuple Details

Why choose an Outwell Centuple sleep system?

Why choose an Outwell Centuple sleep system?

Using the Centuple

Using the Centuple

Our Review

Is someone in your family is reluctant to come camping?

If you want all the creature comforts of home when you are camping, or someone in your family is reluctant to come camping without them, then one of the big bugbears is having to sleep on the floor.

Yes, it can be cold, hard, and uncomfortable, though, with the right sleeping mat or airbed, this need not be the case. However, nothing quite beats sleeping in bed.

"Nothing quite beats sleeping in bed"

Outwell have tried to address this with their Centuple sleep system.

The Outwell Centuple consists of the very popular Outwell Posadas camp bed and the Centuple mattress that goes with it.

Outwell Posadas Camp Bed

The Outwell Posadas is one of the most popular camp beds out there. And for good reason.

Outwell Posadas Camp Bed

Trying out the Outwell Posadas Camp Bed

It offers great support, so it doesn't sag too much, yet it also has enough give so that it's not too firm. It is also easy to transport and put up.

The Posadas is available either as a single or double camp bed. The double provides support for each occupant so that you don't end up rolled together in a big heap in the middle of the bed.

Outwell Centuple

The Outwell Centuple is a separate mattress that fits over the top of the Posadas camp bed, with elastic on each corner tho hold it in place.

When you buy the Outwell Centuple, the Outwell Posadas comes with it.

Again, there's both a single and a double version.

When you buy the Outwell Centuple, the Outwell Posadas comes with it

Inside the Outwell Centuple is a foam mat, which gives a little bit more comfort when using the camp bed, as well as additional insulation for a better night's sleep when under canvas.

Centuple Mat Thickness

The Centuple Mat Thickness

The cover is designed to hang over the side of the camp bed, hiding the legs, and giving your camp bed the visual appearance that's similar to a bed at home.

The cover can be removed and washed.

The photo below shows what you can achieve in one of the Outwell Master Bedrooms. There's a double Centuple sleep system with a double Outwell Conqueror Sleeping Bag. Plus, there's enough room for a side table each side.

Centuple and Conqueror Double

The Outwell Centuple and Conqueror Double sleeping bag make for a very comfortable and warm camping bed.

Outwell Centuple and Posadas Video

Here's a video we made when first setting up the Outwell Posadas and Centuple sleeping system.

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Using the Outwell Centuple

Everyone in the family wants to sleep on it, so we now have a rota!

Since making that video, we've taken the Outwell Centuple on several camps. Everyone in the family wants to sleep on it, so we now have a rota! :-)

Using the Centuple

Testing the Outwell Centuple in our Outwell Montana tent. The side table make this a very sophisticated set-up ;-)

Firstly, you do need enough space in your tent to make the best use of it. If you have a tent bedroom where the sides of the tent slope a lot, then you might find that the end of your bed is pushing up against the sloping sides of your tent.

We have been using it in the Outwell Montana 6SA, which has the longer 'Master Bedroom' layout, and so there was plenty of room.

Secondly, you need enough space to transport it.
The Posadas Bed folds down well and lays near the top of our trailer, with the rolled up Centuple mat usually travelling in the boot of the car.

Both the Centuple mattress and the Posadas camp bed each have a bag.

Sleeping on the Centuple system has been very comfortable

Sleeping on the Centuple system has been very comfortable. Your tent certainly feels a lot more 'upmarket' when you can just get into bed, and step out of bed in the morning, rather than having to get up and down off the floor.

We've been using the Outwell Centuple with the excellent Outwell Conqueror Sleeping bag, which is a top sleeping bag that feels more like a duvet at home. This further gives the feel of a bed.

Outwell Centuple Details


If you have space in your tent and are thinking of getting some camp beds, consider the Outwell Centuple sleeping system. We've loved using this and it gets the GOWTK Thumbs Up award.


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