Tent with the Outwell Canopy Tarp attached

Staying dry while camping with the Outwell Canopy Tarp

Outwell Canopy Tarp

Unfortunately, we can't always guarantee good weather, but a bit of rain should not ruin your family camping trip. This year, Outwell introduces the new Outwell Canopy Tarp. Let's take a closer look.

Review Score

An excellent addition to your Outwell camping kit.

Our Score: 9.3/10

We've given the Outwell Canopy Tarp the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Value for MoneyFamily FriendlyQualityPracticality

The good

  • Designed to keep the rain off
  • Designed to keep the sun off
  • Easy to pitch
  • Creates a very useful shelter for the front of your tent
  • It comes with three very good tarp poles.

The not so good

  • More expensive than some stand-alone tarp kits

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

Outwell Canopy Tarp has a recommended retail price of £121.99.

The best price we've found so far is £89.99. That's £32.00 off the RRP of £121.99.

Outwell Canopy Tarp Videos

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Tent with the Outwell Canopy Tarp attached

Our Review

As every Scout will tell you, it's best to be prepared 😃

I've always said a camping tarp is essential for your camping kit, as it creates a quick shelter from the rain and sun.

Unfortunately, I know many people find them hard to put up.

This year, Outwell has introduced the Outwell Canopy Tarp, which provides the benefits of a tarp while making it easier to put up.

The benefits of a tarp while making it easier to put up

Outwell Stonehill 5 Air tent pitched at the campsite with Outwell Canopy Tarp and Parton Windbreak

All set-up at the campsite, complete with the new Outwell Canopy Tarp.

Tarp Poles 👍

The Outwell Canopy Tarp comes with three adjustable tarp poles. Typically, you only need two, so an extra pole is a big bonus.

A close-up photo of an Outwell Canopy Tarp pole, with showing the adjustment mechanism

The steel poles that come in the set are very good. This photo shows the pole height adjustment mechanism.

You can pitch the tarp free-standing using these poles, as you would typically use a camping tarp.

The camping tarp pitched free-standing with two poles.

All you need are two tarp poles for the standard pitching of a tarp. Here, just two poles of the Outwell Canopy tarp are used.

The tarp pitched with three poles

Using the third pole enables you to change the shape of the Outwell Canopy tarp, creating more headroom.

Attaching to your Outwell Tent

Photo of the strap connecting the Outwell Canopy Tarp to the tent

The Outwell Canopy Tarp clips onto the Outwell Tent.

The difference with the Outwell Canopy Tarp, and where you may find it easier to use, is when pitching it with your tent to create a canopy.

Outwell tents have tabs built into them for connecting things like tent extensions.

The Outwell Canopy Tarp uses this so that one end of the tarp is fixed to your tent.

This creates a canopy shelter from the front of your tent. It also makes it easier to pitch the tarp since the tent is already holding one end up.

A diagram showing how to attach the Outwell Canopy Tarp to a Tent

One side of the Outwell Canopy Tarp clips onto the Outwell Tent.

Once the tarp is clipped to the tent, it's simply a matter of inserting the tarp poles and pegging out the guy lines.

Diagram showing instructions for pegging out the canopy tarp

Once attached to the tent, insert the poles and peg out the guy lines.

Photo of the Outwell Canopy Tarp L attached to a tent

This is the Outwell Canopy Tarp L (the 4-metre version) connected to the front of the tent. All three poles are used here to create wide shelter.

A photo of the tarp with the poles in a different position

Here's another configuration of the Outwell Canopy Tarp L. As you can see, shifting the poles to different positions creates a different canopy shape.

Different Sizes of Outwell Canopy Tarp

Outwell currently makes two sizes of the Outwell Canopy Tarp: M and L.

The Outwell Canopy Tarp I tested in the video was the Outwell Canopy Tarp M.

Tarp ModelTarp Size
Canopy Tarp M3.1 m x 3.3 m
Canopy Tarp L4.0 m x 3.9 m

Both sizes of tarps use the Outtex 6000 Pro tent fabric (6000 mm hydrostatic head). So, very waterproof.

But tarps are not only for keeping rain at bay. They can also act as helpful shade when it is hot. Fortunately, both tarps have a UV Protection rating of UPF 50+. So, protection from the sun, too 😀

Will the Outwell Canopy Tarp fit my Tent?

Here's the info from Outwell on all the 2024 Outwell Tents that fit the 2024 Canopy Tarps.

Tent ModelCanopy Tarp Size
Outwell Sunhill 3 AirM
Outwell Sunhill 5 AirM
Outwell Moonhill 5 AirM
Outwell Moonhill 6 AirL
Outwell Stonehill 5 AirM or L
Outwell Stonehill 7 AirL
Outwell Elmdale 3PAM
Outwell Elmdale 5PAM
Outwell Avondale 4PAM
Outwell Avondale 5PAM or L
Outwell Oakdale 5PAM or L
Outwell Parkdale 4PAM
Outwell Parkdale 6PAL
Outwell Knightdale 8PAL
Outwell Avondale 6PAL
Outwell Queensdale 8PAL
Outwell Sundale 5PAM or L
Outwell Sundale 7PAL
Outwell Jacksondale 5PAM or L
Outwell Jacksondale 7PAL
Outwell Hayward Lake 4ATCM
Outwell Hayward Lake 5ATCM or L
Outwell Hayward Lake 6ATCL
Outwell Wood Lake 5ATCM
Outwell Wood Lake 6ATCL
Outwell Wood Lake 7ATCL
Outwell Sky 4M
Outwell Sky 6L
Outwell Blackwood 4M
Outwell Blackwood 5M
Outwell Ashwood 3M
Outwell Greenwood 5M
Outwell Greenwood 6L
Outwell Nevada 4M
Outwell Nevada 5M or L
Outwell Norwood 6L
Outwell Utah 5M
Outwell Winwood 8L
Outwell Wyoming 6L


AttributeOutwell Canopy Tarp
Best Price£89.99
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Width (cm)310
Length (cm)3.3
Weight (kg)4.75
Pack Size (cm)70 x 18 x 12
Year Introduced2024
What's Included3 Steel Tarp Poles, Guy lines, and pegs