The chef's chair - Outwell Bredon Hills

Outwell Bredon Hills Chair Review

Outwell Bredon Hills Chair Review

We’ve been using the Outwell Bredon Hills for a number of months and have been very impressed. A comfortable chair, a useful table and storage. Read more.

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Our Score: 10/10

We've given the Outwell Bredon Hills Chair Review the Thumbs Up award.

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  • A comfy chair with a very useful table.
  • Folds flat for transport.

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This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The chef's chair - Outwell Bredon Hills

The Outwell Bredon Hills Chair

Our Review

I'm often sitting around the campfire cooking something, but you can run out of places to put everything. A solution: the Outwell Bredon Hills chair with side-table...

I like cooking. I'm no chef, but I like cooking.

I like camping too. I therefore really like cooking around the campfire, usually with my Dutch Oven.

The problem is, you get to a point in your life when sitting on the ground is not the most comfortable. And when cooking around the campfire, you often need places to put things, such as utensils, hot gloves, etc.

The Outwell Bredon Hills chair solves both those problems and was chuffed to bits when Outwell sent us one to review.

What's it like as a chair?

Outwell Bredon Hills chair - useful when prepping food

Outwell Bredon Hills chair - useful when prepping food

Unfortunately, some chairs that are sold for camping can be quite uncomfortable. I'm pleased to report this is not the case with the Outwell Bredon Hills.

While it's not a chair for reclining and lounging around (I have kids, so no chance of that anyway!), it's a great chair for sitting around the campfire, preparing food, or watching the sunset.

It's the shape of the classic director's chair. I call it the chef's chair.

View of the chair

The chair's easy to unfold and fold too. Simply pull the sides of the seat together, and the chair is folded.

It doesn't fold down small, but it does fold down flat (18 x 50 x 85 cm when folded).

You can get it in Outwell Blue, Outwell Green, and Outwell 'Pepper' Black, so it can coordinate with your many other Outwell items.

I've now been using this chair since March, and I'm very impressed. It certainly gets the thumbs up from us as a great bit of kit for family camping.

Outwell Bredon Hills with Table

The version of the Outwell Bredon Hills here is the one with the side table. It's these extras that set it apart from being a comfortable chair to something really useful when cooking around the campfire.

The side table is a proper rigid surface, not a mesh or fabric 'platform' that some chairs have, so it's great for putting things on, including cups and bowls.

There's a great cup/bottom holder built into the table, which has been working well.

This is a lot better than having a holder built into the arm of the chair, which is what I had on my old chair. Every time you sat down, it would jettison drink over the seat. I'm glad this is not the case with the Outwell Bredon Hills, and Outwell has even designed in drainage holes in case you do have an accident.

On the opposite side to the table, the chair has some useful holders, including a zipped pocket.

This has been invaluable for holding small bits and pieces and means I can keep a lot of utensils to hand, without having to keep getting up and down. Not to mention, having a nice cold can or bottle of something close by too ;-)

Little and Large

Outwell Bredon Hills - For kids too

Outwell Bredon Hills - For kids too

You can also get a pint-sized Outwell Bredon Hills chair that's been made for children.

I've had a good look at the child version, and it's just as well made as the adult version.

My little lad would love a chair just like Dad, but it's not something we have at the moment (I took the picture above at an Outwell show), but it's certainly something to consider if you wanted to invest in some decent camping chairs for the family.


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