Outwell Brampton 500 Tent - Ideal weekend tent for a young family

Outwell Brampton 500

The Outwell Brampton 500 is an ideal weekend tent for a young family to take away on a few summertime camping adventures. Easy to pitch and sleeps five.

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The Brampton 500 is an ideal tent for a young family wanting to get away for a weekend's camping in the Summer.

The Outwell Brampton 500 is one of Outwell's smaller family tents that's designed for quick pitching, making it an ideal Weekend Tent for the summertime.

The tent is ideal for a young family with small kids. Two adults and two children would be the best combination, but two adults and 3 small children could work too.

Each bedroom has its own door and there is a removable divider between the bedrooms - ideal for getting two small children in the night.

The living area is big enough to put bags and comes with two large windows to make the tent bright. There's also useful storage pockets for odds and ends (torches, toys, and loo roll!).

You also have the choice of using the side door or opening up the front of the tent. Ideal for hot days and for getting a breeze through the tent.

Outwell Brampton 500 Layout

Outwell Brampton 500 Interior

As you can see from the layout, this tent could work for two adults and three children, or two adults and two children, which would give you that little bit more space.

Pitching the Outwell Brampton 500

Outwell have designed the Brampton 500 as a tunnel tent and pitching is easy (see how to pitch a tunnel tent).

The tent uses fibreglass poles (which can be easily replaced if broken), that slide through a channel and clip into place.  Each channel is colour coded to make the job even simpler.

You only have three pole sections to do and the tent is up.

Outwell Brampton 500 Accessories

You can also buy a footprint (protects the bottom of the tent and can help with laying out the tent) and a tent carpet. We recommend getting a tent carpet (see - Tent carpets, are they worth it?).

If you are interested in both of those, try to find a package deal for overall savings.

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