Proper Kids Winter Walking Boots

Decent Winter Walking Boots for Kids - TNF Kids Walking Boots Reviewed

Decent Winter Walking Boots for Kids - TNF Kids Walking Boots Reviewed

Tired of kids with cold wet feet during winter walks? Want something with grip and support? These kids walking boots may be just what you are looking for.

Review Score

We've been very impressed with the's kids walking boots from The North Face. Ideal boots to get your kids for getting outside this Winter.

Our Score: 9.7/10

We've given the Decent Winter Walking Boots for Kids - TNF Kids Walking Boots Reviewed the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Value for MoneyQualityComfort

The good

  • Proper walking boots for both girls and boys.
  • Good foot protection.
  • Good tread.
  • Insulated.
  • Waterproof.

The not so good

  • The boot's neck can be quite narrow, so you have to loosen the laces a fair bit to make it easy to get on. A lace-less option (like the Keen Basin Kid's boots) would help perfect this design.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Proper Kids Winter Walking Boots

Proper Kids Winter Walking Boots

Our Review

Tired of your kids complaining of cold and wet feet when you go for hikes in the winter? Want something that's going to support their ankles and give good grip on slippery surfaces? These boots may just be the solution...


Unfortunately, The North Face have discontinued these great kids boots.

Kids walking boots

It wasn't very long ago when it was really hard to find decent outdoor clothing for kids. A lot of high street shops focus more on 'fashion' clothing, that may look 'outdoorsy', but are completely useless as soon as a bit of wind and rain hits them.

Fortunately things may be changing, as more outdoor brands are turning their attention to producing kids clothes, with the same technical qualities that can be found in adult versions. This is good news for all our kids.

We were lucky in summer to equip ourselves with decent summer walking shoes from the high street. Now the Autumn hiking season is starting (and small feet have grown again!), it's time for new walking boots.

The North Face is a well recognised brand for outdoor clothing. Did you know, they also make kid sized walking boots? And decent ones too.

What's more, you get them on the high street from Blacks, and are available in both boys and girls styles.

Chilkats Walking Boots for Boys

The North Face Chilkats Walking Boots for Boys

The North Face Boy's "Chilkats" Walking Boot

The first impression of the Boy's Chilkats Boot is that it's really well made.

It comes in two parts, with the lower half looking like a ruggedised welly boot, so you just know puddles aren't a problem. In fact, the entire boot has been treated to be waterproof, and all the seams have been sealed.

Heatseeker thermal lining in boots

Heatseeker thermal lining in boots keeps your child's feet warm during the winter.

The inside of the boot is padded and insulated, which is going to be great for family hikes in winter. The North Face claim this could keep the feet warm even down as far as -25ºC ...though we've not tested them when it was that cold!

The grip on the soles are very good too. We tried these boots on a variety of terrains. They had pretty good grip when going on a spot of bouldering at Snowdonia in Wales.

The North Face kids boots working well in the snow

The North Face kids boots working well in the snow

This is The North Face's Winter Grip technology that they claim works well on icy paths too. With the waterproofing and insulation, plus the winter grip, these boots are going to be great when the winter hits, even in the snow and ice.

Unlike shoes, the high sides of these boots means they give plenty of support to your boy's ankle.

When our little lad first wore them he did find walking in them a little funny, since they added nearly an inch to his height. However, he soon got used to them, and was running around and climbing over things in no time.

These boots certainly get the thumbs up from us.

You can get these in several sizes, from size 10 in Children's up to size 6, and are available from Blacks.

If you don't like the black colour you can get them in beige, though we think the black works well for this time of year.

At the time of writing these boots were available for £50 from Blacks, though check their website for the last price and offers.

McMurdo Girls Walking Boots

The McMurdo Girls Walking Boots.

The North Face Girl's McMurdo Walking Boot

Fortunately, the girls don't get left out, with the McMurdo girl's walking boot.

As with the Boy's Chilkats boot, these are fully waterproof and designed for the cold wet weather in the wintery months.

They are well insulated too, using the same Heatseeker technology as the boy's boot, but in addition come with a faux-fur collar to the boot, which our daughter found very stylish.

Once again, we found these boots to be well made, comfortable and had plenty of grips.

There's plenty of support in these boots for hiking across uneven terrain, and with good toe protection, you should protect your kids' feet even when they're not paying enough attention to where they're walking.

These are another great kid's walking boot for winter, and get the thumbs up from us.

The Girl's McMurdo Boots come in several child sizes and are available from Blacks.


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