Littlelife Runabout Toddler Backpack

LittleLife Runabout Daysack Review

LittleLife Runabout Daysack

The LittleLife Runabout is a great range of backpacks for little ones, with added control for adults. Highly recommended.

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Our Score: 10/10

We've given the LittleLife Runabout Daysack the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • This is a great little backpack for toddlers. It gets them used to carrying their own stuff and is just the right size for a small toy, some snacks, or crayons and paper. The addition of built-in parent reins and harness makes it easier to hold onto them in busy places without them 'feeling like a baby'.

The not so good

  • None. This is a great bag for toddlers and very small children.

This was a hands-on product review.

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Littlelife Runabout Toddler Backpack

Littlelife Runabout Toddler Backpack

Back of the runabout backpack

Back of the runabout backpack

littelife toddler runabout pink

littelife toddler runabout pink

The Parent Handle

The Parent Handle

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New Models Available

The version of the LittleLife Runabout Daysack we reviewed is now replaced with newer models.

Little kids want to be like their grown-ups. Get them their own bag and get them used to carry their own stuff...

LittleLife Day Sack

Our youngest, now 3, wants to walk everywhere.

He refuses the pushchair.  "For babies," he says.  He's a bit of a free spirit and wants to do everything his older siblings do.

He has never worn a harness, and I don't think we'd ever get him to put one on.

Recently though, we had planned a few trips where it was going to be very crowded, and the thought of him running loose was not good.

Fortunately, the LittleLife Runabout Daysack came to our rescue.

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This small backpack is just the right size and makes him feel grown up with his own bag.

The LittleLife Runabout bag is strong enough to take heavy items, we keep the contents lightweight, letting him take a few favourite small toys (usually cars!).

He's happy as he is all grown up.  We're happy as we've got a line on him if he tries to run off.

The real advantage for us is that it comes with a clip-on parent safety line, and as the backpack has a chest strap, the whole set-up works as a harness.

He's happy as he is all grown up.  We're happy as we've got a line on him if he tries to run off.

In fact, he's so good with it; he'll pass us the handle to the parent strap!

As backpacks go, this won't break the bank either and are available in a choice of colours.

Why a backpack when they are so young?

Toddlers want to be like their parents or older brothers and sisters and will love having their own bag.

But getting them a bag is more than making them feel big.

Get them to carry their own sandwiches, a small book, or a light toy. This won't reduce your backpack load as a parent, but it does teach them to start carrying their own gear.

They also like the bit of independence it gives them.

....And a few years on: the LittleLife Runabout Daysack is still in use

LittleLife Runabout Daysack - still going strong

LittleLife Runabout Daysack - still going strong

So our youngest is now five (just). He is ready to progress onto a bigger bag.

His little Runabout backpack has been everywhere and is still in regular use.

We no longer use the bag's harness - he's far too big for that - but the bag is still very useful.

As well as going out for walks or days out, he will also fill it with books, toys, and games, and use it as a bag of things to do on a car journey, or with things he wants to take when we go camping.


We highly recommend the LittleLife Runabout daysack for toddlers.

It's a great first rung on the ladder for them to carry their own items and it also means you don't need a separate harness for adventurous toddlers.

It gets the GOWTK Thumbs Up award.


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