LittleLife Alpine 10 Kids Backpack

LittleLife Alpine 10 - a proper little backpack for your smaller kids

LittleLife Alpine 10

We've found the LittleLife Alpine 10 a great backpack for younger kids. All the things you'd want in your own day sack, but scaled down for children.

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LittleLife Alpine 10 Kids Backpack

LittleLife Alpine 10 Kids Backpack

Our Review

Finding a proper backpack for kids ages 4 and 6 can be hard. Once again, LittleLife has the answer with the Alpine 10...

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 Hilltop march

Hilltop march - testing out the Alpine 10 kids backpack

You want to be encouraging your kids to carry at least a few things from a young age. Otherwise, they'll always expect Mum or Dad to be a packhorse.

We've been using the LittleLife Toddler Daysack for years, which has been in regular use right up until today.

Unfortunately for our youngest, he's not a toddler anymore. He's turning into a little adventurer.

The problem is that most of the children's backpacks are still too large on him, and although you can get 'bags' for kids, we wanted a proper rucksack for our outdoor activities - one that would be comfortable to wear.

Once again, LittleLife has the solution with the Alpine 10 Kids Backpack.

Putting binoculars into Alpine 10 kids backpack

Putting binoculars into Alpine 10 kids backpack

This is a proper backpack but in miniature.

Decent straps, a padded mesh back, good material - and lot's of pockets, including a couple if mesh pockets too.

Now he can carry a lot more than his previous daysack. That's not to say we load him up ;-)

We keep his load lightweight. This is what he typically has in his bag at the moment:

  • Lightweight raincoat (see here)
  • His lunch and a drink (the drink is the heaviest item).
  • Sometimes a small pair of binoculars (see here)
  • He also likes to occasionally take a notebook and pencil for drawing
  • A toy often comes along too - a dinosaur, car, plane, or Lego Star Wars figure

Recognising that this bag may fit quite young children, LittleLife has even included a toy loop on the bag.

LittleLife Alpine 10 Kids Backpack

LittleLife Alpine 10 Features

  • The main compartment holds up to 10 litres, which is more than enough for a child of this age.
  • It has a pull cord to seal up the main compartment to help keep its contents dry.
  • There's lots of little pockets: one on each side and one in the middle.
  • Mesh pockets too. We find it useful for carrying a child's water bottle.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable, and there's a chest strap too.
  • If you wanted, you could use the parent handle from the Toddler Daysack (see here), though, with children of this age, you may only want to do that in crowded places where they could wander off and get lost. (There's no D-Ring on the bag, but you can attach the parent handle to the loop at the top of the bag).
  • Little loops for toys.
  • The piping on the bag is reflective, which is a nice added safety feature.
  • Dimensions: 28 cm wide and 36 cm high.
  • Only weighs 380g when empty.


Unfortunately, LitteLife no longer make the Alpine 10, which is a shame, as this was a great backpack for younger children.


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