Coleman Magnetic Tent Light Review

A light that sticks to your tent!

Coleman Magnetic Tent Light

This is a neat design: a light that sticks to your tent. The Coleman Magnetic Tent Light doesn’t need a lantern hook!

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Coleman Magnetic Tent Light Review

Coleman Magnetic Tent Light Review

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With LED technology, there are fortunatley now lots of lighting solutions for your family camping trip.

Long gone are the days of heavy battery packs that give out a dim light and need replacing each time you go away. Thank goodness!

Well, with the introduction of lightweight and low power LED technology, Coleman create this neat little magnetic tent light, so that you can hang it up without the need of a lantern hook.

No, you don't need a metal tent either!

Hanging the light

The light comes with a magnet and a metal strip. You place the metal strip on the outside of your tent (or the outside of your inner tent if you have one), and the magnet part of the light on the inside.


The light comes with two levels of white light brightness.

Switching it onto full brightness is quite bright, especially in a small tent. The lower brightness appears adequate enough for most purposes, and will of course make your batteries last longer.

It also has a 'night light' mode, providing a dimmer amber light, which is great if you want to turn on the light and not hurt your eyes, or not wake up other people sharing your tent!

Of course, I also found it useful when camping with my little lad who didn't want it to go completely dark.

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