The Kozi Kidz Norfolk set was perfect for outdoor exploring

Looking for a decent coat for your kids? Kozi Kidz Norfolk Set Review

Kozi Kidz Norfolk

An ideal coat for the outdoors needs several things. The Kozi Kidz Norfolk set ticks all the boxes. Here's what you should look for in an outdoor coat for your kids.

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We've been really impressed with the Kozi Kidz Norfolk jacket and trousers. They have everything your child needs to be protected when exploring outside.

Our Score: 9.6/10

We've given the Kozi Kidz Norfolk the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • The protective trousers are great and easily washed.
  • The outdoor coat is fantastic for the outdoors, and also practical for school.
  • Great quality that lasts.

The not so good

  • A little more expensive than some high street brands, but the quality and design for the outdoors is generally much better.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The Kozi Kidz Norfolk set was perfect for outdoor exploring

The Kozi Kidz Norfolk set was perfect for outdoor exploring

Our Review

Great for splashing in the mud!

Great for splashing in the mud!

If you are spending time outdoors, you want to get your kids clothes that are up to the job.

Even a 'bad weather day' can be salvageable with the right clothes.

With the right clothes, even a 'muddy day' needn't mean hours of washing :-D

What to look for in an outdoor coat for kids

So there are a number of things to look for when buying an outdoor coat:

  • Waterproof (obviously)
  • Taped seams, to avoid leaks, including zipped pockets and storm flaps to avoid water getting in there too.
  • Adjustments such as drawstrings and elasticated or sealable cuffs to help keep the wind out.

There are also a number of other things to look for to make your coat even better:

  • Breathable, ideally. This makes a waterproof coat a lot more comfortable.
  • A fleecy collar so that the material doesn't rub your chin and neck.
  • And an adjustable hood for a good fit (don't you just hate it when the hoods on coats just flop around and cover your eyes!)

If you are buying for kids then there are a few extra things to look for:

  • Tough material
  • Washable

There's one brand of outdoor kids clothing that really stands out on delivering: Kozi Kidz

Kozi Kidz Norfolk Review

Kozi Kidz Norfolk Set

The Kozi Kidz Norfolk Set

The Kozi Kidz Norfolk jacket meets all of the above. It is waterproof up to 5000mm (that's a lot more than many tents that are sold!).

We got our hands on their Norfolk Jacket and Trousers, and not only did they meet everything you need in a coat, but they also had great design features such as the built in reflectors, and of course, the name label for school. The toggle on the pocket zips make them much easier to open with gloves on. The hood is detachable, which is a great safety feature.

The Norfolk set is part of the Kozi Kidz wind and rain waterproof range, so this coat doesn't have a thick lining - but that's not a problem if you layer correctly. (See our post on layering your kids clothes).

This is not only a good outdoor coat, but also great for school and everyday use.

Kozi Kidz Norfolk Jacket Review

Kozi Kidz Norfolk Jacket Review

Norfolk Trousers

Kozi Kidz Norfolk Trousers

As well as a Norfolk Jacket you can also get some over trousers.

These are built to the same high standard and also come with built-in reflectors.

Unlike your regular over-trousers, the Kozi Kidz Norfolk trousers come with braces to hold them up, and straps to go under their heel, keeping the trousers firmly in place, no matter how active their play gets. These straps are removable if you don't want to use them.

An essential bit of kit - especially when it's wet, muddy, or even in the snow!

They've already gone through the washing machine and come out like new.

Reflectors working on the Kozi Kidz Norfolk outfit

GOWTK Thumbs Up

We were impressed with the Kozi Kidz Norfolk Set, both in features and quality.

They certainly get a GOWTK Thumbs Up recommendation from us.

The Kozi Kidz Norfolk set was perfect for outdoor exploring


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