Kozi Bear Kids Zip Up Softpile Fleece Review

"Kozi Bear" Kid's Fleece Review - Perfect for keeping your little ones warm

"Kozi Bear" Kid's Fleece Review

We have been trying out this Kozi Kidz Soft Pile Fleece, and once again, Kozi Kidz have designed another great item to keep kids warm outside.

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Another great item from Kozi Kidz to keep your little ones warm on your outdoor adventures. We've certainly put this fleece to the test. Simply put it in the wash and it comes up as good as new.

Our Score: 9/10

We've given the "Kozi Bear" Kid's Fleece Review the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • An excellent warm layer that can be used as a coat or under a jacket.
  • The hood is a great addition, and fab when sitting around the campfire in the evening.

The not so good

  • Could be a bit thick to fit under some jackets.
  • Recommend it is worn with a long sleeved top as it is not fleecy on the inside.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Kozi Bear Kids Zip Up Softpile Fleece Review

Kozi Bear Kids Zip Up Softpile Fleece Review

Our Review

We've become big fans of the Kozi Kidz children's clothes. The Scandinavians certainly know how to wrap their kids up so they stay warm and dry.

With the colder weather now here, we've been testing out the Kozi Kidz Zip-up Hooded Soft-pile Fleece.

Fleece Review

Why you should consider this fleece

There are plenty of kids fleeces around, but once again, Kozi Kidz has a few design items that make this stand out.

  • It's really thick and warm - just what you want from this type of fleece.
  • It has a hood for extra insulation as a lot of heat can be lost through your child's head.
  • Pockets are provided too making this practical as an outer layer on dry days.
  • Elasticated hem around the waist helps keep heat in and cold draughts out.
  • Zipped front making it easy to get on and off, or just to undo if they start to get too warm.
  • Thumb holes in sleeves help keep insulation in around the arms and help keep hands warm, and also if your child puts their thumbs through the holes and then puts an overcoat on, the fleece stays where it should be and doesn't disappear up their arms! Absolutely love this feature.
  • A label for school with space for name and mobile number.
  • Machine washable of course.
Kozi Kidz Hooded Fleece Features

The Kozi Kidz Hooded Fleece Features

Putting the Kozi Bear Fleece to the test

The Kozi Kidz fleece got a thorough testing

The Kozi Kidz fleece got a thorough testing!

Our little lad has been out and about in this fleece of the past month, and it has performed really well.

It works well as an outer layer when it is dry, and also as a mid-layer underneath a coat.

One of the times it really impressed was on our October Microadventure, where we slept out on a Welsh hillside. The Kozi Kidz fleece kept him warm through the night as the temperature dropped towards freezing.

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