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Kampa Croyde 6 Family Tunnel Tent (2012 model)

Kampa Croyde 6 Family Tunnel Tent (2012 model)

The Kampa Croyde 6 is a great family tent, with two bedrooms, a good living space, and a built in porch. The front entrance also helps keep rain out.

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The Kampa Croyde 6 gives you plenty of indoor and outdoor living space that's ideal for those camping holidays...

Our view of the Croyde 6 (2012)

The Croyde 6 from Kampa is a good family tent.

Two bedrooms side-by-side at the back of the tent can sleep 6, or more realistically, 2 adults and 2 kids with a bit more space than you will get in smaller tents.

The windows of the Croyde are large (yes, they do have blinds), and the tent roof material is light so that the interior of the tent is nice and bright (slightly darker material is over the sleeping area).

To us, the large front opening with built-in porch is a great feature.  This enables you to still enjoy the outside or do some cooking even if the weather is not its best.  It also gives you a great 'water free' way to enter the tent, as you can leave wet and muddy boots and jackets in the porch and not take the water into the tent.  (This design is better than many tents with large doors on the tent sides that slope, as the slope can mean the water cold pour into the tent once the door is open - no worry of that with the Croyde).

The Croyde also has steel poles, so a little more durable than some other tents.


If you like the Kampa but want something a little cheaper, then have a look at the Kampa Hayling.  Unlike the Croyde, the Hayling has fibreglass tent poles.


Kampa has updated the Croyde for 2013.  This introduces a new colour schema and minor changes, such as being able to completely zip up the main door.


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