Goggles that fit and stay clear in the water? We put Joci goggles to the test

Joci goggles

We test out the brand new Joci Goggles that claim to stay clear in the water. But do they?

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Our Score: 10/10

We've given the Joci goggles the Thumbs Up award.

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  • Excellent goggles that keep your vision clear.

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This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Our Review

**We've covered some great kids goggles before, which I am pleased to report are still going really well. This time, we have some goggles that fit older kids or adults. And these have proved to be excellent. **

Amy has been trying them out over several weeks of regular swimming at our local pool.

The Joci Goggles were clearly better than any goggles we have had in the past.


The Joci Goggles, ready for testing at the swimming baths.

As soon as you dive under water, you can see how excellent the lenses are

As soon as you dive underwater, you can see how excellent the lenses are.

The goggles don’t mist up when you are out of the water, which makes swimming a lot easier instead of spending time taking goggles off in between each length.

The band around the goggles is thick, so they don’t snap when you are adjusting them for different heads, unlike many bands I've used in the past.


The Joci Goggles up close.

avoiding big goggle circles around your eyes

They are easy to fit and comfortable to wear, avoiding big goggle circles around your eyes when you get out the pool.

Overall, I think the Joci Goggles are comfortable, clear and excellent for anyone.

These Joci Goggles get the Thumbs Up Award from us.


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