Jack Wolfskin Baffin Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Baffin Women's Jacket Review

Jack Wolfskin Baffin Women's Jacket

The Jack Wolfskin Baffin Jacket for Women is warm, stylish, and mine! I love it.

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Jack Wolfskin Baffin Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Baffin Jacket

Our Review

The Jack Wolfskin Baffin Coat Review

I must say first off, that this wasn't a quick purchase. Gav (who hates 'going shopping' at the best of times) had to hang around for a few hours with our youngest while I tried on numerous coats.

It came down to this Jack Wolfskin Baffin Coat and a Jack Wolfskin 3-in-one.

The 3-in-one appeared to be the 'sensible' option. It was warm; you could take out the Jack Wolfskin fleece, and continue to use it as a raincoat in the summer months, so a good all year round coat.

However, in the end, I opted for this Baffin coat. Why? I wanted a coat that would keep me warm on adventures on the hills, but would also be suitable for everyday wear, i.e. walking to school, into town shopping etc. and this coat fitted the bill!  It looks stylish, and unlike some outdoor jackets, this has been cut to fit women properly, and you don't end up looking like a sack of potatoes on legs!

Very warm in my Baffin jacket

Very warm in my Baffin jacket

The Baffin coat is a down jacket. It's filled with hundreds of highly insulating down feathers (from ethical sources of course). And it's warm.

It's like wearing an extremely warm duvet.

Jack Wolfskin Baffin Jacket

Me, testing out the Jack Wolfskin Baffin Jacket I bought

The outer layer is windproof, waterproof, and has a breathable membrane so that you don't get too hot and clammy.

Since getting it, I've been up on the hills in a cold wind many times and felt very toasty. I've had to have the coat unzipped a lot of the time (this is almost unheard of in my old jacket).

Things I really like about the Jack Wolfskin Baffin Coat

This coat does exactly what I wanted:

  • Warm
  • Dry
  • Can use out hiking
  • Can use collecting the kids from school
  • Can use on the high street

If you're thinking of investing in a decent jacket, you might want to have a good look at the Jack Wolfskin Baffin jacket.


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