Intex SeaHawk II Inflatable Boat

Intex SeaHawk II - A good inflatable for getting your family on the water

Intex SeaHawk II

The SeaHawk II is a versatile inflatable dinghy. Row or use with electric or petrol outboard. This kit comes with boat, oars, and pump.

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Intex SeaHawk II Inflatable Boat

Intex SeaHawk II Inflatable Boat

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If you want to get your family on the water but want something a little bigger than a canoe, the Intex SeaHawk II is a flexible option...

If you are thinking of getting your family on the water, the Intex SeaHawk II comes with many good reviews.

Being inflatable it is easy to store, transport, and stable.

The boat comes as a kit that includes a pump and oars.

If rowing isn't your thing, you can also fit a motor.

Intex SeaHawk II Inflating Instructions

Inflating the SeaHawk II is straightforward.

  • Make sure the area you inflate the boat is free from sharp objects, such as stones, and then unroll the boat.
  • Use the hand pump supplied or a foot pump.  High-pressure air compressors should not be used as they can over-inflate the boat and cause damage.  The boat should only be inflated with cold air.
  • The valves are numerically ordered.  Follow that order to inflate the boat.  This will ensure the correct compartments are filled with air at the right point and the boat is inflated correctly.
  • It is very important not to over inflate.  A correctly inflated chamber should not be hard, just firm. (0.08 bar or 1.14 psi)
  • The large Boston Valve should not be unscrewed to inflate the boat.  Simply lift the lid and insert the pump.   You unscrew the valve for rapid deflation of the boat.
  • Seat cushions should be inflated last.  Only inflate them to about 3/4 full, put into position on the boat, then inflate fully.  Again, firm, not hard; do not over inflate.

Fitting an Outboard Motor to the SeaHawk II

The SeaHawk II can easily use electric outboard motors in the kit that comes out of the box. However, if batteries aren't your thing and you want more power, then a petrol motor can also be fitted.

The Sea Hawk II is rated to a maximum 2HP motor.  You can purchase an additional motor mount kit from Intex that will make fitting an outboard motor very easy, though this kit is rated to 1.5HP.

Using an Electric Motor

Mounting an electric motor is very straight forward.  Whilst you may not get as much speed with electric compared to a petrol outboard, they are a lot quieter.

View this video to see what the SeaHawk II is like with an electric motor.

The video is using a Minn Kota C2 motor.

Other uses for a SeaHawk II... how about sailing?

Erm, well it appears so.  Whilst you can now buy inflatable sailing dinghies, this American company ( have created a kit.

Additional Information on the SeaHawk II

You can download the Sea Hawk II Owner's Manual.


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