A great travel gadget: HMDX Jam Wireless Speaker

HMDX Jam Wireless Speaker

We found the HMDX Jam a surprisingly good gadget for family travels. Great for the garden, the pool, the beach, the campsite, or even long car journeys

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Now, this is not the usual thing we write about on Get Out With The Kids, but this HMDX Jam speaker turned out to be an excellent gadget for family travels. We had such a good time with it on our summer hols last year.

HMDX Jam Review

We've had ours for about a year now.

We bought it for a rare holiday abroad in Spain, where we had a private pool - yep, complete luxury! ;-)

The speaker pairs with Bluetooth music players, such as iPods or modern phones.

You never know when you buy these gadgets if they're any good or not, but the HMDX Jam was so surprisingly good, we thought we'd share it on here.

For such a small size (it fits into a small jam jar), the speaker is quite loud. Loud enough for kids having a pool party!

We found it lasted about 2.5 hours when used on one of its louder settings.

The speaker charges with a USB cable, so if you have an adaptor for your phone, it should work with the speaker too.

Also good at home

HMDX Bluetooth Speaker

It's also great around the home too and in the garden.

Another gadget for camping

OK, so it's not always good to blast music out at the campsite, but sometimes a little music is OK ;-)

The HMDX Jam can play music quietly too.

Entertainment for long car journeys

This wireless speaker could also be used to play audiobooks in the car to entertain kids on long car journeys

If you do use it in the car, you might want to get a USB adapter for the car.


I'm afraid when I bought ours, the only colour I could get at the time was the rather dull grey colour. However, you can get the HMDX Jam in lots of different colours.

I still see these in the shops, so should be easy to get one, or buy on online.


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