Hi Gear Corado 4 - A good small family tent

Hi Gear Corado 4

The Hi Gear Corado 4 is a great family tent for Mum, Dad, and two kids. 2 separate bedrooms, a good living area, and a built-in porch—an ideal family tent for a small family.

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The Corado 4 is an ideal family tent for a small family (two adults and two small children), with a mix of indoor and outdoor living space...

Hi Gear Corado 4 - 4 Berth Tent

The Hi Gear Corado 4 is a great tent for a family of four, with Mum and Dad in one bedroom, and the kids with their own.

There is a good-sized living room that's great for getting changed and storing gear, and with big picture windows, there's plenty of light....don't worry, they have blinds for when you are getting changed ;-)

Also, a great bonus with this tent is a built-in front porch.  This provides a good spot for a bit of outdoor eating, even if there's a shower and a place where you can leave your wet gear, leaving the inside of the tent nice and dry.

  • Sewn-in groundsheet to help keep bugs and rain out
  • Large front porch so that you can enjoy the outside, even if it rains
  • Two entrances can make packing and unpacking easier, and of course, extra air flow if the weather is hot.
  • Front entrance in porch means you can go in and out the tent in the rain, without getting everything wet inside.
  • Electric cable access points if you need a heater (read our info on Electric Hookups)
  • The guy lines are bright, reducing tripping accidents.
  • The Corado 4 uses a double guyline system, where a line runs to the top and bottom of the tent pole, increasing stability in winds.

Being Prepared for the Rain

You can extend this tent further with an extra canopy, giving you more shelter from the showers.

A Corado 4 footprint will also help protect the bottom of the tent, and ideal if it is wet and muddy on the ground.  However, as with any tent, make sure you don't pitch where there are hollows, or where it is marshy, at the bottom of a hill (where the water may run off and straight towards your tent), and make sure the tent completely covers the footprint (so water doesn't come between the footprint and your tent).

Being Prepared for the Cold

Fortunately, the Corado 4 has a carpet.  Yes, they are worth investing in (see Tent Carpets - are they worth it?).

Want the Corado 4 in a different colour?

The Gelert Bliss 4 is exactly the same tent (Hi Gear and Gelert have the same tent manufacturers).  So, if you want a different colour to what's available at Go Outdoors you could always try the Gelert.


"I love this tent, and think it is great value for money.", Beckyboo, GO Outdoors customer


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