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Keeping kids engaged with these handy binoculars


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SKU: Visionary 10x25 DX Binoculars

A handy pair of binoculars is a great way to keep your kids engaged on a walk by spotting some wildlife. We were really impressed with this cheap pair of pocket binoculars that does just the job.

As a parent you want your child to learn about the world, and you also want to keep them engaged when out walking. Well, here’s another little tool to have up your sleeve… 

Off Exploring

We’ve been out walking countless times when we’ve spotted some big bird in the distance, or the kids want to get a closer look at some wild ponies, but unfortunately, we didn’t have any binoculars.

Well actually I do own an old pair of binoculars, but they’re too big and bulky to carry around.

Fortunately, we came across these great little binoculars.

Keeping your kids engaged by spotting wildlife

One of the great things about these binoculars is that they can be easily used by adults and kids alike.

They’re not heavy, and they quickly adjust.

The only downside we’ve had is that we could do with more of them, as all the kids want to look through them at the same time!

When something interesting turns up, such as a bird of prey, for example, ask your kids if they can spot it through the binoculars.

You could go on a walk specifically for spotting wildlife. Create your child a list of things for them to spot, and give them a small prize if they can find all (or most of) the items on the list.

Visionary Binoculars

Visionary Binoculars Review – 10×25

The binoculars we bought are the Visionary 10×25, and can simply fold up into a little pouch you can keep in your pocket, your bag, or even fix the pouch to your belt.

They aren’t very expensive, but the build quality has been good.

They have a rubber coating, so they’re non-slip in people’s hands, but there’s also a cord to hang around your neck.

Being small pocket binoculars they are of course not the most powerful of binoculars where you can see miles into the distance, but they’re good enough for a family out on a walk spotting wildlife.

We bought ours from Amazon for around £10.

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Keeping kids engaged with these handy binoculars
Keeping kids engaged with these handy binoculars
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