Gelert Horizon 6 Person Tent (with porch)

Gelert Horizon 6 Person Tent - 2 Bedrooms

Gelert Horizon 6 Person Tent

The Gelert Horizon 6 provides a good layout for a family tent, and ideal for 2 adults and 3 little kids, or 2 adults and 2 larger kids.

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Gelert Horizon 6 Person Tent (with porch)

Gelert Horizon 6 Person Tent (with porch)

Our Review

The Gelert Horizon has been around for years. Its simple tunnel design is a great entry level family tent.

Gelert Horizon 6 Person Tent - Chestnut/Sandshell/Black

Our Opinion

Although a 6 person tent, 6 adults would struggle with all their gear in the Gelert Horizon 6.  However, it provides a great layout for parents to get a room away from the kids, and just let the kids get on with it in their own room.

For comfort, two adults per sleeping pod.  So great for 2 adults and 3 small kids, or 2 adults and 2 larger kids.

The living area is not the largest compared to some other tunnel tents, but it offers plenty of space to store gear and bags.  It can also be extended with a porch.

It does have plenty of large windows to let light into the living space.

The side door also has a useful porch to help keep the rain off if going in and out, though we would recommend getting the add on porch for better all weather camping.

Putting the tent up

As with most tunnel tents, assembly is very straightforward.  Gelert provide colour coded tent poles to help you get the right lengths in the right slots.

The Horizon Porch

Adding porch extends the living area of this tent considerably, and provides a better wet/dry entrance/exit area.

However, it should be notated that this is an end porch, and doesn't go over the side doors.  So to use this as a porch you'll have to unclip part or all of a sleeping pod in order to get access to it.  Not a major problem, but a bit of a hassle.

Alternatively you can get a Gelert side porch, which will be a more practical solution.  This model fits a number of Gelert tents.

Spare Tent Poles

Tent poles do have a habit of splitting occasionally.  Tip: pack a role of gaffa tape with your camping gear.  It's great for quick repairs on site, and you should be able to rescue a splitting pole before it becomes very bad (we have a tent pole that has been taped up all year and survived a lot of wind).

Fortunately you can get a set of spare tent poles for the Horizon.


The footprint provides you a little bit more protection under the tent, protecting it better from any stones or twigs you may have missed, or an water seeping in when pitching on wet grass.

The footprint also makes it easier to pitch in the correct location, as you can more easily adjust the position of this instead of the whole tent.

Tent Carpets

A carpet in the tent may sound like a luxury, but believe us, it makes a lot better experience, as the carpets provide additional ground insulation and make the living area appear a lot more homely.  Much better to walk on in bare feet!


"excellent quality tent", Mr. J. Robson, customer


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