Anevay Frontier Stove with flue pipes

Frontier Stove - A portable wood-burning stove for camping

Anevay Frontier Stove

The Frontier Stove can be just the solution for keeping your canvas tent nice and toasty during the cooler months.

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Anevay Frontier Stove with flue pipes

Anevay Frontier Stove

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***The Frontier Stove can be the solution for keeping your canvas tent nice and toasty during the cooler months. ***

If you have a fire retardant canvas or poly-cotton tent that can be adapted to take a flue, then getting a wood-burning stove will make your tent cosy. Really cosy.

The problem with wood-burning stoves for camping is that wood-burning stoves tend to be very heavy.

This is where the Frontier Stove comes to the rescue.

The Frontier Stove tent heater

As the picture shows, the Frontier Stove folds up and comes with a carry handle. The flue comes in sections and can be kept inside the stove when transporting.

This will provide plenty of heat in your tent, though make sure kids don't touch it when hot.

If you have a plastic-based groundsheet, you'll need to roll it back out of the way so that the wood burner is over bare ground. Otherwise, it could melt it. Yes, they get that hot, so you don't use them in a polyester tent. Also, you don't want stray embers burning through your groundsheet when you open the stove door.

If you don't place the Frontier Stove directly on the ground, then you should place it on a fire retardant mat. You can get one here.

Not just for heating - Cooking and Water Too

The Frontier Stove also comes with a flat top and a hotplate. This is great for putting a cast iron kettle and skillet.

Now a kettle on the stove make take longer to boil than a gas-burning stove or electric kettle, but since you're heating your tent, you might as well use the heat.

You can also get an add-on water heater on the back of the stove and wraps around the flue. The water heater comes with a tap. Again, it won't heat water from cold as quickly as a gas or electric-powered kettle, but if you have the stove on, it will mean you have a hot water tank and tap in your tent! ;-)

A cast iron skillet or griddle will get hot enough to cook. It's just a single hot plate so not a lot of space to cook lots for the family, but warming and toasting something before bed will be luxury on a cold night.

If you want to see some cooking with the Frontier Stove, have a read of this post by Badger Bushcraft.

Tips for using the Frontier Stove

As with all wood-burning stoves you need to control the air flow to get a good burn, or for a slow burn but lasts longer. This may require a bit of experimentation with the damper until you get the temperature and burn rate you want.

Different wood burns at different rates. Kiln dried and hard wood will last longer than soft or green wood if you want the Frontier Stove on a slow burn and last longer. Note that it is recommended that the stove is extinguished prior to going to sleep (you should be in your warm sleeping bag then anyway), but the body of the stove, flue, and water tank (if fitted) will still give off some heat.

If you are placing the stove directly on the ground but worried about the stove being knocked over, then the stove does have some holes in the foot of each leg, so if you have any tent pegs thin enough you could anchor it to the ground.

Fitting a Frontier Stove in your tent

You can buy DIY flashing kits to fit flues, such as the one here.

It is advised to fit the Frontier Stove away from the entrance door (to avoid people walking into it).

If you do this yourself, you will make a hole in your canvas tent.

Full instructions for fitting the Frontier Stove Flashing Kit can be downloaded from Anevay.


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