Littlelife Freedom Child Carrier Review

Freedom Child Carrier - Start them hiking when young

Freedom Child Carrier

The LittleLife Freedom Child Carrier is a great child carrier with plenty of storage and some well thought through features with parents in mind.

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Our Score: 9.3/10

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The good

  • A great child carrier that enables your child to get outside on hikes from a young age.
  • Very good quality with lots of extra features.

The not so good

  • Obviously, as your child grows, it will get heavier. Remember to get them used to walk part of the way themselves when they are old enough.

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Littlelife Freedom Child Carrier Review

Littlelife Freedom Child Carrier Review

The straps to wear and adjust the Littelife Freedom Child Carrier

Freedom Child Carrier Shoulder Straps

The Freedom Child Carrier

Freedom S4 Child Carrier

Child seating area

Child seating area

Our Review

You can take your newest family member out for a family hike from about the age of six months in the LittleLife Freedom Child Carrier.

The LittleLife Freedom Child Carrier

The LittleLife Freedom Child Carrier has ample storage (21 litres) and is part of the excellent LitteLife child carrier range.

The Freedom Child Carrier

The Littlelife S4 Child Carrier, which comes with a review mirror, toy loops, foot stirrups, sunshade, and washable face pad.

Putting your child into the carrier

The carrier doesn't have a stand (they are not always that stable anyway), but there's a big foothold that is the perfect position at the bottom of the carrier for you to stick your boot and keep it stable while you get your little one in and out.

Carrier Foot Hold

Place your foot in the hole to keep the bag secure while you strap your child in.

Place your child in the carrier, then secure and adjust the harness. If they are big, they'll need the foot stirrups.

I find the additional straps at the top of the child carrier useful for putting it on.  The handle behind the shoulder straps a good handhold for hoisting the carrier (with the little one in) up and onto my back.

Where your child sits has soft padding, so they don't hurt their head and face.

Child and Adult Comfort

The child carrier has foam padding so that they don't bang their mouth or nose as you walk about. These are removable pillows that can be washed in the washing machine, so easy to keep clean of dribble (and other stuff!).

I found the LittleLife carriers very comfortable on the back and fully adjustable.  As the full carrier doesn't sit directly on your back, there is plenty of airflow, making it comfortable on warm days.

The straps to wear and adjust the Littelife Freedom Child Carrier

The Freedom Child Carrier has shoulder, chest, and waist straps.

Freedom Child Carrier Features

  • Removable Sunshade (useful if your little one keeps taking their hat off).
  • A rear view mirror that's on a cord.  I found this very useful for seeing what was going on.  A useful visual distraction for them as well.
  • Anatomically shaped child seat and soft face protection pad which is removable and washable (very sensible)
  • Padded top grab handles
  • Large front pockets
  • Toy loop for attaching items that may get lost
  • Airflow back system with padded shoulder and back section and pivoting hip belt
  • Side grab handle to prevent pack twisting when lifting
  • Anchor Point for added stability when placing the child in the pack
  • Reflective fabric
  • The carrier on its own weights 2.4 kg and can take a child up to the weight of 20kg (the carrier may take that amount of weight, but of course you may not!)
  • Recommended for children from the age of 6 months to 3 years.  We found the carrier was getting small before our little one was 3, but this was mainly due that he was getting a lot heavier and we wanted to encourage him walking from a young age and not get used to the free ride!
  • Fits adults between 1.57 and 1.87 m tall.

"It must be comfortable for my son as he fell asleep half way through the walk", KJonah, Simply Hike customer


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