Wherever I lay my pack

En Route 65 - Good for Backpacking & Travel

En Route 65 - Good for Backpacking & Travel

We put the Easy Camp En Route 65 backpack to the test, both for outdoor use and for travelling.

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Our Score: 10/10

We've given the En Route 65 - Good for Backpacking & Travel the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
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The good

  • A great 65L backpack from a brand you wouldn't expect.
  • Lots of storage pockets.
  • Rain Cover.
  • Adjustable back.

The not so good

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Wherever I lay my pack

Wherever I lay my pack

Our Review

I've been after a larger backpack for years. I've looked at all sorts.

We've even reviewed the Vango Contour 50+10s, which is approved for D of E expeditions.

So with all the outdoor backpack brands, who makes the En Route 65?

Well, it's Easy Camp. And that's not a name I suspect you associated with backpacks, as they're usually known for camping gear.

Well, they've also been busy design a good range of backpacks, and their big one is the En Route 65.


Feature for feature has the same items as the Vango Contour. So, although this is not an official D of E backpack, I don't see why it couldn't do the job.

Easy Camp En Route 65 Features


So, you might be thinking, where is the catch? Is it poorly made? Is the stitching coming undone?

Well, no. It's been put together very well.

I've been using this backpack since the winter. You can see my first video showing the En Route 65 by clicking here, where I went on a winter wild camp.

Since then, I've continued to use it, both outdoors and travelling up and down the country. The bag still looks as good as new.


Wearing the En Route 65 with a suit

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes. Well, I really like the styling of this bag.

It's not an ultra bright bag, and looks quite understated in grey, though it does have some orange strips that stand out.

The fabric also looks quite smart. It almost looks like grey denim.

It was smart enough to wear with a suit!

I've also used it when staying in some hotels and B&Bs. The understated looks do not scream 'he has a backpack' when using it for non-outdoor travelling either.


We've already mentioned the features. It's got everything you would expect on a 65-litre backpack.
However, here are a few things I found very useful.

The elasticated side pockets have been useful for a quick access water bottle, or for quickly putting a wet mac (actually, my grey Berghaus, which matches the bag!).

What I also like is the webbing strap that can be secured around the side pockets, helping secure what goes into the pockets.

Also, each side of the bag you have a full length zipped pocket, which is ideal for storing longer items. A tall flask of soup? No problem.

One thing that can be a problem with backpacks is when you need to get something out of the bottom of the bag when you are on a hike, which can be especially a problem if everything around you is wet. You'll find you don't have enough hands to hold the stuff you've got out.

Well, another useful feature I discovered with the Easy Camp En Route 65 is that you can access the contents of the bag through two zipped sections on the front. These are in just the right place to get items that are much lower down in your bag, making it a lot easier and less hassle than some other bag designs.

Similar to other bags of this type, the En Route 65 does have a bottom section that you can unzip. This bottom section has an optional internal divider, making it a great place to keep wetter items.

I have managed to use the bag for a week's worth of clothes (including running kit), and also for a Wild Camp where it carried everything I needed, including a tripod and cameras.

Packed up ready to go


Now the comfort of a bag like this mainly depends on how correctly you adjust it.
Fortunately, this bag has all the adjustments you expect, including the length of the backpack, the shoulder straps, being able to pull the bag in at the shoulders to balance it right, and the hip belt.
I was able to adjust this bag put most of the weight on my hips and legs rather than my shoulders and spine.

The bag also has a mesh back. While it may not be as breathable as some other bag designs, it's multi-curve design does mean there is airflow. With the bag fitted correctly, I didn't notice any problems.


The bag's material, like most other backpacks, is waterproof to a certain point. However, it kept entirely waterproof for me in a rain shower.

The bag also comes with a bright orange rain cover for those sustained downpours. The rain cover lives in a pocket at the bottom of the bag.


Using the En Route 65 for travel

The Easy Camp Enroute 65 is a great backpack; from our testing, it could easily cope with backpacking.

It's also been a great bag for travelling, not just hiking and backpacking.

We give this the GOWTK Thumbs Up.


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