Coleman Large Camp Table

Eating outside? How about an antimicrobial table?

Coleman Camp Table Large

Coleman has introduced a camping table with an antimicrobial coating. We check it out.

Review Score

Our Score: 7.3/10

We've given the Coleman Camp Table Large the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
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The good

  • From the testing we've managed to do, the table still is in good condition despite being outside for six weeks and used regularly.

The not so good

  • We found the large version of this table too big to easily transport to the campsite. However, Coleman does make two smaller versions that are more manageable.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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The best price we've found so far is £78.21.

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Coleman Large Camp Table

Coleman Large Camp Table

Our Review

We try to take a balanced view with the whole germs and kids debate.

We don't want the kids catching something dangerous. However, we also want their immune system to develop properly with 'safe' exposure to bugs.

With eating and food preparation outside, you do have to take sensible precautions.

When we saw that Coleman had introduced a table with an antimicrobial coating, we asked if they had one we could review.

Coleman Large Antimicrobial Table Review

The table they sent through was the large version of their new table.

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This camping table is easily big enough to seat four people comfortably, and even six with two people sitting at the end.

Though the table says it folds up on the box, only the legs fold up. For the large size of this table, you'll end up with a table that is tough to transport to the campsite.

Folded, this table is 120 cm long and 80 cm wide.

We have a large car boot and a trailer, which wouldn't fit in either. Because of this, we have only been able to take it to the campsite once.

Using the Coleman Antimicrobial Table at the Campsite

Using the Coleman Antimicrobial Table at the Campsite

However, that's not stopped us from testing it out. And so, for the last six weeks, the table has been out and regularly used in our garden.

Using the table in the garden

Using the table in the garden

Out in the rain, out in the sunshine, out overnight, and had all sorts of food and drinks spilt over it.

And it still looks good as new and is easy to wipe clean.

Obviously, without proper laboratory testing, we can't vouch for how well the Antimicrobial coating works, but it certainly has stood up to a lot of use.

So, the only downside we've seen with this table is that the large version could be a bit large to transport to the campsite. However, you might want to look at the smaller versions, which are a more manageable size for transporting.


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