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Easy Camp Surf Windbreak


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We’ve been testing out the Easy Camp Surf as well as a few other items that are useful for the beach.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen some pictures, either on picnics or at the beach, of us with a funky windbreak.

Well, that funky windbreak is called the Easy Camp Surf, and we’ve been giving it a through test this summer.

Easy Camp Surf Review

The problem with some large windbreaks on the beach is that they obscure the view: both yours and anyone sitting behind you. Being larger, they are also more prone to getting blown over by the wind.

Easy Camp have got around this with their funky looking ‘Surf’ windbreak.

This is just the right height for sitting, or even better, lounging on their neat portable sun lounger (see more details here).

You’ll also notice, that we’ve been using the Easy Camp picnic rug too. We’ve been using this on picnics and its insulated and waterproof underside has been good for picnics, and it’s also a good picnic rug for when sitting on damp sand and the beach.

Putting the Surf Together

Easy Camp Surf comes in a small carry case

Easy Camp Surf comes in a small carry case

The Easy Camp Surf comes with a small carry case that’s lightweight to carry.

Different lengths poles with the surf

Different lengths poles with the surf

Unlike some beach shelters, the Easy Camp Surf doesn’t spring into life. Instead you have nylon tent poles, which will be familiar to anyone used to camping.

There are different length poles, with the long ones going the length of the windbreak and a couple of smaller vertical supports.

Tent pegs too

In the bag are tent pegs too. T-shaped ones to better stay in the sand at the beach.

There’s some tent pegs too.

Nice to see pegs better than the normal small wire pegs. These T shaped pegs are much better in both earth and sand.

The Easy Camp Surf looks like a huge wing....and yes, people did run with it and tried to take off.

The Easy Camp Surf looks like a huge wing….and yes, people did run with it and tried to take off.

When it’s all assembled it looks like a large wing.

There is a strap on one end of the windbreak. This simply clips to the other end of the windbreak, bending the Easy Camp Surf into that curved shape.

Filling the pockets on the Easy Camp Surf with sand to weight it down

Filling the pockets on the Easy Camp Surf with sand to weight it down

You can then peg the windbreak out, and fill the pockets with sand if you are on the beach.

Over this summer we’ve been quite impressed with the Easy Camp Surf windbreak.

It packs down small to transport, unlike the standard wooden pole windbreaks, but the downside is that you have to assemble it. However, this design also means it’s easy to reposition the windbreak if the wind changes direction, plus you can use it on stoney beaches too.

So the Easy Camp Surf gets a thumbs up from us.

Thanks to the guys at Easy Camp for providing an Easy Camp Surf for us to check out and review this summer.


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Easy Camp Surf Windbreak
Easy Camp Surf Windbreak
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