Easy Camp Devil 400

Easy Camp Devil 400

Easy Camp Devil 400 Sleeping Bag - Extend your camping season

We’ve been trying out the Easy Camp Devil 400 and have been very impressed. This 3 season sleeping bag is affordable, comfortable, and warm.

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We've given the Easy Camp Devil 400 Sleeping Bag - Extend your camping season the Thumbs Up award.

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This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Easy Camp Devil 400

Easy Camp Devil 400

Our Review

The Easy Camp Devil 400 gives you a lot of sleeping bag for the price and is ideal for those early season camps...

Easy Camp Devil 400

The Easy Camp Devil 400 sleeping bag, rolled up in its pack.

If you only take your family camping in the height of Summer, then you're missing out on some cracking family adventures.

Get out there as soon as the sun starts getting warm during Spring, or stay on camping into September, and you'll get lots of space at campsites that would be full in the Summer.

be prepared for colder weather

Earlier and later in the season you do need to be prepared for colder weather though (yes, OK, it can get pretty cold in the UK Summer too!). Click here for some tips on extending your camping season and keeping warm.

One of the things you'll need when camping outside summer is a three or four season sleeping bag, which will keep you warmer than a 1 or 2-season rated summer sleeping bag.

Since we've been camping for many years, we've now got a collection of different sleeping bags (see here). This includes a mix of one, two, three, and four season sleeping bags.

Our four season sleeping bag is quite bulky (see here). Although the four season sleeping bag was great for a camp at the very start of March this year, a three season bag, which would be smaller to pack and transport, may be a better option for most of our camping.

There's a lot of three season bags out there. Some are expensive; some aren't as expensive - but beware of the very cheap bags (we found their insulation doesn't last and bunches up, making the bag useless).

Fortunately Easy Camp make this Devil 400 bag (a 3 season bag) at an affordable price. We've not had an Easy Camp sleeping bag before, so was keen to give it a go to let you know what they're like.

Easy Camp Devil 400 Sleeping Bag Review

Devil 400 unrolled

The Easy Camp Devil 400 unrolled

Firstly the sleeping bag came in a stuff sack that was a bit bigger than our two season bags, but a lot smaller than our four season sleeping bag. It didn't have any compression straps on the stuff sack. As soon as we pulled the sleeping bag out of its stuff sack the insulation sprang to life. The Devil 400 is actually quite a well-insulated sleeping bag.

Toasty; Not too cold

Easy Camp have tested this against the standard rating for sleeping bags (EN13537 if you're interested!). According to that standard, the bag should keep you warm at -1C (if you're a woman), and -7C (if you're a man). That should cover most Spring and Autumn camping.

In fact, the bag is rated down to -25C, but at that point, there's a serious risk of hypothermia.... I don't think you'd be camping anyway if it ever got that cold in the UK.

The Devil 400 has an upper rating of 12C, so basically you should feel comfortable from just below freezing point to 12C.

On a warm Summer's night, you would probably want to have the bag unzipped.  I sleep out of the bag on warm nights anyway! :-|


I've already spent a few nights in this sleeping bag and I'm very impressed with it.

The insulation makes the bag quite warm, and the baffles (the stitching across the bag) has kept all the insulation in place.

There is an extra baffle around the zip (to prevent heat loss through the zip), as well as an extra one around the hood.

Mummy shaped to keep warmth inside the bag

Shoulder level seal on Devil 400

Shoulder level seal on Devil 400

Inside the Devil 400 there's a draw string to seal the bag around your shoulders, as well as the mummy hood. This double layer helps keep your body heat inside the sleeping bag.

It doesn't mean that these bags are only for Mums. Dads like to keep warm too you know

BTW, if you don't know why these are called *mummy *shaped sleeping bags it's because they look like an ancient Egyptian mummy's sarcophagus (yes, I did just look up how to spell that!). It doesn't mean that these bags are only for Mums. Dads like to keep warm too you know ;-)

Shiny and Smooth

The outside of the Devil 400 is shiny polyester, but on the inside the material is softer and feels cotton-like, making it more like the bed at home, which is a nice touch the the design.

Music (to drown out the snoring)

Useful pocket in Devil 400

Useful pocket inside the Devil 400 sleeping bag

Just inside the bag is a little pouch that's an ideal size for an iPod or phone. For my teenage kids, they will probably be on their gadgets playing games rather than putting them in the pouch. However, this useful little pocket means you can play some music (or white noise) to drown out your partner snoring, or snoring from the tent next door....

GOWTK Recommendation

Easy Camp Devil 400 in tent ready for bed

The Easy Camp Devil 400 in tent ready for bed

Two of us have tried the Easy Camp Devil 400 out and we've both been really impressed with it. When we went camping it was a clear night in early April, so was getting close to freezing. My daughter, who was using the bag at the time, stayed nice and warm.

If you're wanting to extend your camping season, we give this sleeping bag the thumbs up.


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Season4 Season
Comfort Temperature (°C)-1C