Easy Camp Boston 600A 2015

Easy Camp Boston 600 Tent

Easy Camp Boston 600 Tent

Easy Camp's Boston 600 is a great family tent; ideal if you have 2 or 3 children. With a built-in canopy, you have protection from sun or rain.

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Easy Camp Boston 600A 2015

Easy Camp Boston 600A 2015

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If you have two or three kids and your budget doesn't extend to some more expensive models, then the Easy Camp Boston is a great tent with a lot of good family-friendly features.


In 2015 Easy Camp Boston was enhanced even further. This is a really good bright family tent.

Easy Camp Boston 600A 2015 Review

The Easy Camp Boston 600 family tent has a great design. Why? The built-in canopy gives you protection, whatever the weather, allowing you to get in and out of the tent if the weather worsens.

The new side door is perfect for this, with its double door arrangement. A good place to leave wet muddy boots.

Inside the Boston 600 Tent

The tent's interior provides plenty of living space and is nice and bright thanks to the large windows.

The sleeping area sleeps 3 in a pod.  This tent could easily accommodate Mum, Dad, and 2 or 3 kids.

The interior also has useful stowage pockets, lantern hook, and electric power cable entrance.

Easy Camp Boston 600 Interior

The Boston range of tents also have a good design when it comes to the groundsheet.

This is a 'bath tub' style groundsheet, which means the sides of the groundsheet come up around the tent to help keep the rain out.

Lots of tents have this design these days, so that's nothing special. However, the Boston tents have a little flap at the door that lowers the bath tub so you don't trip over it. It's these little design features that make this a well designed tent ideal for camping....after all, we want our kids to enjoy camping and not hurt themselves by tripping over when getting into the tent.

Additional Space

Easy Camp Boston 600 Awning

If you want additional space, such as staying a number of nights away, you can also purchase an awning that goes on the front of the tent.

This will greatly increase the living space with some more large windows. All you need to do is pitch it on a campsite with a fantastic view ;-)


If you'd rather go for something a bit smaller, then the Boston 500 may fit the bill, though if you can afford the larger size, the 600 will be more comfortable.

There are also similar designs from a few other tent manufacturers, but the Easy Camp tent does have some good design features.


"a perfect tent for our family of five!", Åsa and Mattias, Camping World Customers


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