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Easy Camp Antic Pop-up Tents – Great for Teenagers


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Brand: Easy Camp

The Easy Camp Antic pop-up tent is great if you have teenagers and want to give them a tent of their own, without having to upgrade the main family tent. Good for sleepovers and festivals too.

The Easy Camp Antic pop-up tents are ideal for teenagers and quick pitching summer weekend camping…

The Easy Camp Antic pop-up tents are great for music festivals….but they also have a place when family camping.

Using the Easy Camp Antic for Family Camping

If (like us) you have one or more teenagers, you’ll be well aware of their growing need for independence, and getting a bigger family tent isn’t always an option – especially if you are intending to just do some weekend camping during the summer.

This is where tents like the Easy Camp Antic come in, by letting your teenager(s) branch out into their own tent next to yours. (If your child had been doing scouts or guides, then this should be nothing new to them).

Some campsites will charge for the additional tent. Some don’t, and only charge for the number of people. (You can find some campsites here).

These tents are simple to erect: no tent poles required. Just pop-up and peg out. So let your teenager do it themselves.

Easy Camp Antic Pixel Popup Tent

Easy Camp Antic Pixel Popup Tent

Easy Camp currently make these tents in two colours: the ‘Punk’ and the ‘Pixel’. Our eldest is really into Union Jacks at the moment and loves the Punk design. This is a new design for 2014.

You can see from my photos that you can also get matching sleeping bags.

These tents are also great for summer sleepovers with friends in the garden.

Easy Camp Antic Details

Antic Punk Size

The Easy Camp Antic tent dimensions

Antic Punk Interior

This tent sleeps two, though it will be snug

As you can see from the picture, the tent is designed for two people, though with bags it’s more practical as a one person tent.

Unlike the family tent, there’s no standing room in it either, but there should be enough room to sit. (I’m sure this won’t be an issue for your teenager).

Antic Punk Bag

The entire tent fits into this circular bag

The entire tent folds up into this round bag (74cm wide by 4cm thick). This is not the easiest of shapes to transport, but it does easily lie flat on top of other items, and it’s not heavy.

Packing it away in the bag may take a bit of practice if you are not used to popup tents. With pop-ups you’ll find that as you start twisting the tent it will want to collapse back into its packed shape.  Don’t force the tent into this shape. If you are having to force it, try starting again but twisting in a different direction.

Easy Camp Antic Punk

There’s no inner tent

The Antic doesn’t come with an inner tent, but does have a fly screen on the door (shown on picture) – ideal for letting the breeze in on warm summer nights, but leaving the bugs outside.

If you’re worried about safety, the tent fabric is fire retardant. If you are worried about the rain, it has sealed seams and a hydrostatic head of 1500 mm (if you are not sure what that is, then read this).


This is a great solution for the growing family with teenagers, and it won’t break the bank either. If you have two teenagers, getting two of these would be a sensible option.

They are also great for weekend camping (or touring), where you don’t have a lot of time for pitching and putting tents away.

Best used in summer in good conditions.


Since we wrote this post Easy Camp for sent us an Antic popup tent so we could get a closer hands-on review – thanks guys! 😀

The tent pops up really easily. See our video test pitching in the garden.

This is a great tent for teenagers and both our daughters now want to use it for sleepovers and camping.

Putting it away is straightforward (though sounds complicated from the instructions). Just bring the arches together and it twists back into the circle shape.

More details on the Easy Camp Antic

You can read more details on the Easy Camp web page, and can download some instructions on getting it back in the bag here.


9Expert Score
Value for Money
  • Ideal for summer camping when you want a quick and easy tent. Can also make an extra bedroom in the living space of large family tents.
  • Remember this is just a pop-up tent. There's no inner tent. Getting it back in the bag takes a bit of practice.

Specification: Easy Camp Antic Pop-up Tents – Great for Teenagers



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Videos: Easy Camp Antic Pop-up Tents – Great for Teenagers

Photos: Easy Camp Antic Pop-up Tents – Great for Teenagers

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Easy Camp Antic Pop-up Tents – Great for Teenagers
Easy Camp Antic Pop-up Tents – Great for Teenagers


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