Craghoppers Reaction Lite DofE Jacket

D of E Craghoppers Reaction Lite Jacket - Good Outerwear Shell for New Adventurers

D of E Craghoppers Reaction Lite Jacket

Our eldest will be doing her Duke of Edinburgh award, so we've been doing an early test of the DofE-approved Craghoppers Reaction Lite Jacket.

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Craghoppers Reaction Lite DofE Jacket

Craghoppers Reaction Lite DofE Jacket

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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Inspiring New Adventurers

So we've reached that time in our life: what was once the little toddler playing around the campfire with a stick will now be doing her Duke of Edinburgh (or D of E for short) award.

The D of E is not all about hiking and camping though; there are lots of other parts to it. And we're not worried about our eldest doing that part of the D of E - she's already a seasoned young adventurer.

there's a big kit list of items that must be purchased

However, a big kit list of items must be purchased.

It appears what you need to get differs between doing the D of E through schools vs. doing it through one of the branches of the Scouts Association. (We'll write about that soon).

What doesn't change, though, is that your child needs to be properly kitted out.

As you can imagine, we do a lot of outdoor activities and try to keep our kids kitted out anyway. Try to. They're always growing out of things!

One thing you'll need to buy for the D of E is some decent outerwear.

Craghoppers Reaction Lite Jacket

We've bought many Craghoppers gear over the years and were chuffed to receive a parcel with this D of E jacket from Craghoppers.

Craghoppers make several Duke of Edinburgh-approved items for both girls and boys. I say girls and boys, but by the time they reach D of E age they are in the women and *men *sizes of clothes.

Zipped pockets on the Reaction Lite Jacket

The Craghoppers Reaction Lite Jacket is a lightweight shell jacket designed to provide an outer shell that keeps wind and rain out.

This is no kid's mac but a proper adult jacket for outdoor activities. It even includes a zipped inner pocket sized to fit an O/S map.

Map Pocket on D of E Reaction Lite Coat

It is, of course, breathable, which is to be expected. It also has a few other things, like hidden pockets to hide a few valuables.

We've been taking it out on some not-so-great-weather, and the jacket has been good and certainly gets the approval of our eldest young adventurer.

If you need to kit someone for the Duke of Edinburgh award, we've found that this shell jacket works well.

Calm Quiet Stilness - Reaction Lite Jacket being tested at Fforest Fields Campsite


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