Testing out the Coleman Xtreme 33L coolbox

Coleman Xtreme 33L CoolBox Review - A big well-insulated coolbox

Coleman Xtreme 33L CoolBox

The Coleman Xtreme coolbox is large and family-sized and ideal for camping or days out. This is the 33L version, and performed well when we took it camping.

Review Score

Our Score: 8/10

We've given the Coleman Xtreme 33L CoolBox the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award

The good

  • Very well insulated. Keeps things cold for a long time.
  • Big storage capacity.

The not so good

  • Cannot stand 2L drink bottles upright.
  • Rather big to transport.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Testing out the Coleman Xtreme 33L coolbox

Testing out the Coleman Xtreme 33L coolbox

Our Review

The Coleman Xtreme is a large family-sized coolbox that won our comparison challenge.

The Coleman 33L Xtreme coolbox is a large family-sized coolbox. It also won our coolbox comparison test (read about it here).

We took this coolbox on a recent four-day camp, and the Coleman Xtreme coolbox performed well.

Here's a short video we made.

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This is a very solid coolbox, with thick insulated sides.

It also has a drainage hole at the bottom - ideal for cleaning or if you are using ice in the coolbox.

When we used this coolbox, we only put three standard sized ice packs inside and placed the mainly around the milk. I think in future we shall be putting a few more ice packs in as it is such as large coolbox.

The Coleman Xtreme is not as tall as some other coolboxes, so large bottles of Coke or lemonade must lay on their side, but it is tall enough for a large bottle of milk.

Testing out the Coleman Xtreme 33L coolbox

Testing out the Coleman Xtreme 33L coolbox

It has some large carry handles at either end and drink-can holders on top.

Using the Coleman Xtreme when camping was like having a small chest freezer with us!

It also feels very rugged - ideal for chucking in the car's boot.

If you want a smaller version or in need of something larger, then Coleman has a few other sizes available.

This version of the Xtreme Cooler is Discontinued

Newer model

Coleman has tweaked and improved the design of the Xtreme coolbox. And we like it.

The new design is a taller and narrower design, so it is easier to fit in tall bottles and keep them upright, and it's also going to take up less space in your car.

Larger Xtreme coolboxes come with wheels and a telescopic handle, making them much easier to move when full.

I understand Coleman has also improved the insulation, making the thickness of the insulation slightly thinner but still with the same insulation value.

You can tell the new design by its grey and orange colour scheme instead of the older blue and white colour.


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