Coleman Riverside Six

Coleman Riverside Six Person Tent

Coleman Riverside Six Person Tent

The Coleman Riverside 6 smaller 3 bedroomed family tent, though a little shorter on living space than larger 3 bedroomed tents. 3rd bedroom a spare.

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Coleman Riverside Six

Coleman Riverside Six

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The Coleman Riverside is a small weekender tent for the family, mixing both tunnel and dome tent designs.

Our Opinion

The Coleman Riverside provides 3 bedroom tent with a smaller foot print than other 3 bedroomed tents.

The larger inner tent is divided into two bedrooms.  This divider can be unzipped (useful for getting to smaller kids in the night).  The larger sleeping area also has slightly more headroom.

Coleman Living Area with the smaller bedroom removed and doors open

We would recommend the smaller sleeping area for smaller people or a single adult, as the sides of then tent slope down, making it a little more impractical for two full sized adults.  Also, note that the outside tent behind the smaller bedroom can be opened up, and in our experience, this doesn't make the bedroom the most practical, so treat as a spare for when you need the extra bedroom.

Being a smaller footprint the living area is really for bag storage or huddling out of the rain (I would recommend extending your living area with a tarp shelter).  However, if you take out the smaller sleeping area then the space is more useful if you need to spend time in the tent.


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