Coleman Meadowood 4L Tent Pitched

Coleman Meadowood 4L Tent Pitched

Coleman Meadowood 4L BlackOut

The Coleman Meadowood 4L BlackOut is a great family tent, with plenty of living space and lots of features. Ideal for a family with one or two kids.

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Our Score: 9.2/10

Value for MoneyFeaturesFamily FriendlyQualityPracticality

Price Guide

Coleman Meadowood 4L BlackOut has a recommended retail price of £549.99.

The best price we've found so far is £312.01. That's £237.98 off the RRP of £549.99.

Coleman Meadowood 4L BlackOut Videos

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Coleman Meadowood 4L BlackOut Photos

Coleman Meadowood 4L Tent Pitched

Coleman Meadowood 4L Tent Pitched

Coleman Meadowood 4L Pitched

Coleman Meadowood 4L Pitched

Front View

Front View

Side View

Side View

Coleman Meadowood 4L Layout

Coleman Meadowood 4L Layout

Front vestibule

Front vestibule

Coleman Meadowood 4L Tent Pitched

Coleman Meadowood 4L Tent Pitched

Our Review

If you have a couple of kids and want a tent with more space for a family camping holiday, then the Coleman Meadowood 4L BlackOut might be just what you are after.

The Tent Layout

This is an excellent family tent layout.

I particularly like the built-in porch and large living space, which provides you with plenty of space for family camping holidays.

Coleman Meadowood 4L Layout

The layout shows that this tent has generous living space

Tent Bedrooms

The bedrooms in this tent use Coleman's BlackOut technology. They are not only dark, which helps you and your kids sleep longer when the sun rises early in the mornings, but Coleman also says they keep a little warmer at night and cooler during the day.

Other practical items are storage pockets and a bedroom divider that you can remove to create one large bedroom.

If you have the divider in place and your kids wake up at night, you can unzip it to get to them easily.

Watch the video below to see the bedrooms.

Tent Living Areas

The Coleman Meadowood 4L excels in living space, with two zones: an inner zone and a porch zone.

This is a great combination of tent living spaces for family camping.

The inner zone covers two tent sections, providing plenty of space for camping furniture. You'll want to put some furniture in the tent if you are camping for several nights, as that helps keep all the clothes, food, etc., out of the way.

I also recommend getting the tent carpet that fits this part of the tent.  A tent carpet will make it feel much more like home and make the tent warmer underfoot.

This inner sanctum of the tent has large bright windows and light. Plus, the window blinds are zip-up ones.  These are much less hassle than toggle window blinds, which means you can set them partially open at any height. For example, you can have them closed at the bottom and open at the top, providing more privacy first thing in the morning.

The second living room zone is the porch area, which is a generous size.

Built-in porches like this are perfect for family camping. They provide a wet-dry zone. This is an area of the tent you can leave wet coats and muddy boots, leaving the inner sanctum of the tent warm and dry.

Porches like this are also a great place to sit out of the breeze, sit if it rains, and great storage to bring chairs and toys into at night.

If you wish to put a door on the porch, get the Coleman Vestibule for this tent, which comes with a door and a groundsheet to fully enclose the front.

And while talking of doors, all the doors into the inner part of the tent have a bug-free mesh that can be zipped into place, allowing you to get a fresh breeze into the tent on warm summer days, but keep the flies out.

The porch entrance into the tent lays flat, unlike some tents where the groundsheet is turned up, causing kids (and adults) to trip.

Pitching the Coleman Meadowood 4L

To pitch this tent, we recommend two people.  Having two adults available is not easy if you have to look after young kids, but a second person is occasionally needed. It is possible to pitch this tent single-handed, as I've done many times with similar tents.  But an extra pair of hands helps :-)

All the tent poles slot together and are colour coded. Once you've pegged out the corners of the tent, insert the poles into the sleeves of the tent that match the colour of the poles, and then the tent will take shape.

Just remember to re-peg the corners and put out the guylines so that the tent fabric is nice and tight, which helps the tent keep strong and makes it easier for any water to run off.

Watch the excellent Coleman pitching video below.

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Tent Use and Alternatives

We recommend this tent ideal for a family with one or two kids who want a tent that they can take on family holidays, where you'll be camping for a handful of nights.

If you are only planning on camping one or two nights at weekends and no longer, you might want to consider the Coleman Meadowood 4, which is shorter, easier to store and quicker to pitch.

Although the Coleman Meadowoood 4L is larger than the 4, it's still a viable tent for weekend camping, giving you that flexibility for short and longer camping trips.

This tent's pack size isn't too large (74x36x36 cm) and not too heavy for a family tent, coming in at just 22.5kg.

Of course, if you have more than a couple of kids, or you want even more space for your family camping holiday, then have a look at this tent's big sister, the Coleman Meadowood 6L.


AttributeColeman Meadowood 4L BlackOut
Best Price£312.01
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Height (cm)200
Width (cm)300
Length (cm)625
Weight (kg)22.5
Pack Size (cm)74x36x36
Year Introduced2021
Height (cm)200
Length (cm)625
Width (cm)300
Tent Details
Recommended Tent UseIdeal for Weekend Camping, Ideal for Longer Stays
SleepsSleeps 4
Bedrooms2 Bedrooms
Frame TypeFlexible Poles
Tent AccessoriesTent Carpet, Tent Footprint, Porch Door
Tent Construction
Flysheet FabricColeman WeatherTec™ 4000 mm
Fly Hydrostatic Head4000 mm
Taped SeamsYes
Sewn-in GroundsheetYes
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm)Not Applicable (PE Fully Waterproof)
Sun ProtectionSPF50
Wind Rating7 (High Wind: 32-38mph/50-61kph)
Tent Windows
Window BlindsYes, zip up
Tinted WindowsNo
Tent Doors
Additional Tent DoorsYes, on one side
No Trip EntranceYes, at main door
Rain-Safe EntryYes, at main door
Bug-Free MeshOn all exterior and bedroom doors
Door converts to sunshadeNo
Tent Bedrooms
Bedroom DividerRemovable, toggles in place
Darkened BedroomsYes
Larger BedroomsYes, 210 cm depth
Bedroom Partially RemovableEntire inner tent
Storage Pockets in BedroomYes
Auto-seal Bedroom DoorsNo
Cable entry to BedroomsYes, one bedroom
Tent Living Space
Inner Living Space Size2 sections (e.g. furniture space)
Living Area Storage PocketsYes
Cable EntryYes, both sides
Wet-Dry ZoneYes, in the porch
Built-in PorchYes
Porch Storage PocketsNo
Internal Hanging LineNo
Pitching and Storage
Weight (kg)22.5
PackSize (cm)74x36x36
Colour-coded Tent PegsNo
Colour-coded Tent PolesYes
Guy Line StorageNo
People to Pitch2 People
Pump IncludedNot Applicable
Wheeled Tent BagNo, not required