Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 6L with Front Extension

Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 6L Family Tent

Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 6L Family Tent

The Coleman Mackenzie 6L is at the top of Coleman's family tent range. Providing plenty of space for Mum, Dad, and the kids with lots of good design making it an ideal family tent.

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Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 6L with Front Extension

Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 6L with Front Extension

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This is the new Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 6L family tent.

Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 6L with Front Extension

The Coleman Mackenzie Cabin replaces the popular Coleman Fremont as their top-of-the-range tent.

The Mackenzie Cabin 6L is a 6-berth tent, shown above with the optional zip-on front porch extension.

Construction and Design

MacKenzie Cabin pole

The Mackenzie Cabin is essentially a tunnel tent, which are easy to put up and provide for quite a roomy tent.

It comes with steel poles and a guy-line stabilising system, so it should stay rigid in a strong breeze.

Mackenzie Cabin 6L Side Porch

Another good design feature is the side entrance (the interior of the porch is shown in the picture on the left).  This provides a good storm entrance if the weather is bad, providing a great place to leave wet clothes and wellies without getting the inside of your tent wet. It's also useful for additional storage, and as it has an interior door too, it would make a good place for your own in-tent toilet.

You might have noticed that the roof of the tent is darker than the sides.  This is to help screen out any early morning light in the summer, helping you sleep better.

Mackenzie Cabin Storage Pockets

Inside there are other useful design touches such as these storage pockets, and cable tidy for hanging lantern.

Triple Bedrooms

Mackenzie Cabin Bedroom

The bedrooms in the Mackenzie Cabin are generous 3 berths 2 berths (see update below).

Notice how the bedroom dividing wall can be unzipped.  This is great if you have young children as it makes it easy to tend to them in the night without having to exit your sleeping area (and you can even stay in your warm sleeping bag!).

The venting at the top of the sleeping compartment should also keep condensation down, preventing that damp feeling that can happen in some tents.

The Cabin's Missing Extra Bedroom

The layout of the Mackenzie Cabin 6L has two bedrooms side by side. However, the model I reviewed also had an optional 3rd bedroom (the layout shown on Coleman's website).  This useful additional bedroom doesn't appear to be available with the version currently for sale, which we think is a shame.
Mackenzie Cabin 6L extra bedroom
Mackenzie Cabin 6L with extra bedroom

Here are some pictures of the extra bedroom in the living area.  If nothing else it shows that this family tent has a good sized living area.

Update: I spoke with Coleman and can confirm that the Cabin 6L does indeed have three bedrooms, but where confusion has come, is that the larger MacKenzie Cabin 6XL only has two bedrooms.

I'm not sure why they didn't put an extra bedroom in the larger tent, and the Coleman representative said that they have had a number of enquiries on the subject.  Their advice is that if you want the larger XL but need an extra sleeping pod, then put a child's pop-up tent inside.

Having seen the larger Cabin 6XL, I can confirm it's big enough to take a small pop-up tent without loosing much living area.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, Coleman themselves had made a mistake and put the 6XL layout on their 6L product page.  This same mistake has been sent out to tent retailers, so I suspect there will be confusion around the 6L for a few weeks. I have notified Coleman of this, so hopefully there will be a correct layout image soon.  In the meantime I've scanned the correct 6L layout from the Coleman Catalogue, and will update with a better image once it becomes available.

Update 2: Coleman have corrected the mistake and the correct layout is now on their website and shown below.

MacKenzie Cabin 6L Layout (This Tent)

MacKenzie Cabin 6XL Layout

MacKenzie Cabin 6XL Tent Layout

Coleman Mackenzie Cabin 6L Extras

You can get a front extension for the Cabin 6L (This also fits the Mackenzie Cabin 4), which will almost double the living area, and is great for additional storage (bikes, table and chairs, etc), and worth considering if you plan to take the Mackenzie Cabin for family camping holidays.

MacKenzie Cabin carpet

The Cabin extension zips to the tent, making it easy to attach.

There is also a carpet available.  We recommend this as it will make the tent much warmer and more comfortable.

Whilst not as thick as carpets at home, the quality was OK for a tent carpet and coordinated well with the tent.


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