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Coleman MacKenzie 6 Family ‘BlackOut’ Tent

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A six-person family tent with two double bedrooms, all of which are blacked out for a good night’s sleep.
Note: 1-year Camping and Caravanning Club Membership when you buy this tent from selected retailers.

We’ve reviewed several great family tents from Coleman over the years, so we asked Coleman to send us a review sample of the MacKenzie 6 tent so we can get a closer look at one of their latest tents, and they kindly agreed 🙂

The Coleman MacKenzie 6 Family Tent

The MacKenzie 6 is a tunnel tent with a door and window on both sides, but with a porch over the door on the one side.

Coleman MacKenzie 6 Tent

There are a door and window on both sides of the tent. This side of the tent, the door has a small porch.
All doors and windows come with a bug mesh.

Inside the tent are three double bedrooms, each with dark black-out material to stop the early morning light from waking you up.

Coleman MacKenzie 6 Tent Layout

The tent has three double bedrooms. The divider in the large bedroom can be removed, making one huge bedroom.

There are also extras like a hanging rail and storage space.

Hanging Rail

The MacKenzie 6 comes with a clothes hanging rail. Just remember to take it out when packing the tent away. We forgot!

Pitching the MacKenzie 6

The Coleman MacKenzie 6 tent uses sturdy steel poles. The metal poles can make the tent bag quite hefty (35.5kg) and so you’ll find it easier if two people lift the tent in and out of your car.

To make the tent bag lighter, you can pack the steel tent poles separately, as they come with a separate bag.  Just remember to bring both bags the next time you go camping!

Read the pitching Instructions

Read the instructions carefully. More carefully than I did on the first pitch!

I always recommend that you try and pitch the tent at home first to get used to it. There are instructions printed on the inside of the tent bag, but they can be a little confusing until you get all the tent parts out and see how it goes together.

Now unfortunately for me, I did not follow my advice. Just see what a pickle I get into the first time I pitched it in our video! 😉

To see the correct way to pitch the Coleman MacKenzie 6 tent, watch Coleman’s video.

The tent’s steel poles slide into colour coded sleeves on the tent and slot together.

Putting the poles together

Putting the tent poles together. These are colour coded.

A part of my confusion when first pitching the tent is I appeared to have two ‘yellow’ poles. The instructions said one. However, one of the yellow tags came off a pole when I got it out of the bag, and I think I must have slid it back on to the wrong pole.

There also appears to be an extra sleeve on the tent, which is colour coded black. This isn’t on the instructions (well, not until later), and so I couldn’t work out what poles went into that sleave. As it happens, there is a black fibreglass pole that goes into it, but you don’t need to put that in until later.

It is also crucial that the two silver steel poles with slots on their sides go on the porch side of the tent. Again, I missed that the first time pitching!

First pitch attempt of the MacKenzie tent

This is my first pitch attempt, which wasn’t quite right. This is the ‘backside’ of the tent. The door doesn’t have a porch on this side.

If you get confused pitching this tent, watch our video to see what it should be like.

As it happened, we had to move and repitch the tent anyway. Pitching the tent the second time around was faster and made no mistakes.  See, you should always try and do a practice pitch first 😉

Coleman MacKenzie 6 tent in the sunshine

The Coleman MacKenzie 6 pitched for the second time and now pitched correctly.

Using the MacKenzie 6

The layout of the Coleman MacKenzie really suited us. Unfortunately, not all of us were able to go camping, and so we didn’t fill the tent: it was just three of us plus a dog – and so there was plenty of space 🙂

Our youngest bagged the double bedroom on its own, and then Shell and I shared the big bedroom with the dog.

If you also have the dog, then all the doors on the Coleman MacKenzie 6 zip up shut, so no four-legged friends (or small kids!) can escape.

BlackOut Bedrooms

Inside there are three blacked-out double bedrooms, plus useful storage pockets

One of the big features of the Coleman MacKenzie 6 are the BlackOut bedrooms.

If you are used to a tent with light bedrooms, then these black bedrooms might need a bit of getting used to – but they really do work and come into their own when it gets light early during the summer.

We all had an excellent night’s sleep in these bedrooms, and weren’t woken up by the dawn light…. but of course, the blacked out bedrooms couldn’t block out the sound of a blackbird singing the dawn chorus at 4am!

Once we did emerge from the bedrooms, it was noticeable how light it was in the central part of the tent. The MacKenzie’s bedrooms were much better at blocking out the light than our bedroom at home.

Packing Away

It’s quicker packing the tent away than pitching it. For the most part, the tent poles slide out quickly and fold back up. However, a few poles were tightly stuck together. Normally, wiggly the poles as you pull them apart does the trick, but spraying something like WD-40 might help make things easier (just spray it away from your tent).

We decided to keep the heavy tent poles in their bag separate from the tent to make transporting it more manageable.

There are some compression straps on the tent bag. I put the pole bag under these compression straps to keep them with the tent bag when I got home…just so I don’t forget them the next time 🙂


We really liked the Coleman MacKenzie 6 tent, and give it the Thumbs Up Award.

However, if you do get one, I recommend you pitch the tent at home first. The pitching instructions could have been a little clearer, and the coloured plastic ends do come off the poles, which can make things a little more confusing.

The steel poles aren’t as fast to pitch as an inflatable tent, of course, and pitching single handed is much more difficult. If you have two or more people helping, then it is a lot easier and quicker.

Inside the tent there felt plenty of space, yet the tent isn’t too big for weekend camping.

If you do plan on a longer stay in the tent with your family, such as a week, then you’ll need more living space. However, that needn’t be in the tent but is ideally outside even if you have to put up an awning, tarp, gazebo, or event shelter.

The lack of a large front porch and somewhere to leave wet shoes, for example, is the main thing missing from this tent. However, the Coleman Classic Awning works well with this tent if the weather isn’t looking that great and you need the additional shelter.

The quality of the materials was good and put together well. I didn’t notice any stitching errors.

Features such as bug mesh on all the doors and windows haven’t been skimped on either; you can completely close up the tent and yet have good ventilation. The doors and windows on both sides of the tent helped keep the temperature down when the summer sun did come out.

There are also storage pockets, cable entry, and even a hanging rail inside the tent, so it is well-spec’ed too.

More specs, details, and even spare parts, can be found on the Coleman website.

Tent at Sunset

The Coleman MacKenzie 6 tent at sunset.

Free Camping and Caravanning Club Membership*

Free Camping and Caravanning Club Membership

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8.8Expert Score
A six-person family tent with two double bedrooms, all of which are blacked out for a good night's sleep. Note: 1-year Camping and Caravanning Club Membership when you buy this tent from selected retailers.
Family Friendly
Value for Money
Ease of Pitching
  • The BlackOut bedrooms are very effective.
  • Good ventilation with bug mesh on all entrances and windows.
  • Good layout, including some storage space and a hanging rail.
  • The tent felt well made and good quality.
  • Steel poles, although strong, can make pitching heavy and don't always slide apart easily when putting the tent away.
  • It doesn't have a great 'rain-safe' entrance, but you can use something like the Coleman Classic Awning for that.

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Specification: Coleman MacKenzie 6 Family ‘BlackOut’ Tent



Recommended Tent Use


Frame Type

Hydrostatic Head

4500 mm

Weight 35.5 kg
Dimensions 600 × 320 × 217 cm

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  1. Daniel Tuulik

    I was expecting more from this tent. Overall good and very spacious, the pitching was easier than expected, but there are minuses that I didn’t expect. The extra bedroom is not blackout, the top is a fine mesh and the outer fabric over it lets a lot of light through. Also the sides of the main bedroom let through more light then I expected. Thats a big issue when sunrise is 4.00 am and you have three small ones. Also the pockets in the bedrooms are not in good locations nor practical. I’d like them to be at the back end as well, where it’s logical to put your head and would be nice to reach stuff, but the pockets are only at the entrances. Also not deep enough to hold objects, like a half-litre water bottle, well. There’s only one hanging hook inside, would have wanted a lot more and also lower, for the kids to be able to reach the lanter for example. It’s not possible to leave the doors open (or closed with mesh only) when it’s raining. The little roof over one door is not enough to keep the tent dry. I really recommend an extra tarp over the tent for blocking light from the extra bedroom and covering the entrances from rain. Also, the big bedroom could be attached to the outer layer better, specially in the back side where it’s hanging on your face too much. I managed to tighten it on top so it was fine, but still not perfect. It would need and attachment in the middle of the tilted wall. The treshold at the entrances is pretty high and was hard for a 3,5-year old to get over. It could be 10cm lower. For the price, I was expecting this sort of things to be covered.

    + PROS: Really spacious, huge living area inside. Quite stable in windy conditions. Configurable bedrooms. Pitching easier and faster then expected. Good ventilation (when it's not raining and you can open the vents).
    - CONS: Third bedroom is not blackout. The sides of the big bedroom are also letting quite a lot of light through. Entrances not protected from rain. Can't leave doors only mesh-closed for ventilation when it's raining. Not enough pockets (not in the right locations). Not enough hooks for hanging stuff. The entrance treshold is pretty high, hard for smaller children to get over it.
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    Coleman MacKenzie 6 Family ‘BlackOut’ Tent
    Coleman MacKenzie 6 Family ‘BlackOut’ Tent


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