Coleman Lakeside 4

Coleman Lakeside Deluxe 4 Person Tent

Coleman Lakeside Deluxe 4 Person Tent

The Coleman Lakeside Deluxe 4 Person Tent is a cabin style tent on the smaller side of family tents but with two bedrooms and a living area.

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Coleman Lakeside 4

Coleman Lakeside 4

Our Review

The Coleman Lakeside is a compact weekend camper package for the small family.

Our Opinion

The Coleman Lakeside Deluxe is a good small family tent if you only have one or two children.

The living area on this model is not taken up with a 'spare' bedroom, and so for 2 adult and 2 children there should be enough space to sit and eat if needed, though you need to take into account any bag storage, as the sleeping areas won't fit much more than a camping double air bed.  You could easily extend the living area with a tarp shelter.  This is something we would recommend as with the curved sides in this design, getting in and out in heavy rain could get water into the tent.  A decent porch shelter will enable you to get your wet things off and have the tent door open without the rain coming in (and you need to take into account horizontal rain as well!)

Erecting this tent is straightforward with only 3 polls that slide through a channel and clip into place.

Alternatives to the Coleman Lakeside Deluxe 4

If you like the layout of this tent you might want to also consider the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Four Man Tent.  It is almost identical but a fraction smaller footprint, and a complete tunnel tent (the Lakeside is a cabin style).  In reality, there's not much difference in the two, so it will really come down to your preference, however, more accessories are available from Coleman for the Coastline.

If you would like something with a similar sleeping configuration but a larger living area then have a look at Coleman's Fremont 4, which comes with an add-on enclosed porch.


"Very easy to put up and take down. Plenty of room in the living and sleeping areas. Very weather proof.", Jaybee


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