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Coleman Instant 4 Family Tent

Coleman Instant 4 Family Tent

The Coleman Instant 4 family tent is ideal for those overnight or weekend camping trips. Larger than the regular Instant 4, this version has an inner tent.

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The Instant 4 from Coleman is designed with one thing in mind: pitching a family tent quickly...

The Coleman Instant 4 Family Tent is a sturdy pop-up tent ideal for those weekend or overnight getaways.

Ideally suited to two adults with two small children.

Coleman Instant Tourer Family Tent

The Coleman Instant 4 Family Tent is a larger version of the Coleman Instant Tourer 4.  This version has an inner tent and a vestibule/living area for storage.

Coleman Instant Tourer Frame

The tent has a steel frame that expands out, and you clip the tent onto the frame.

This makes for a quick pitch and a sturdy tent.

Insider the Coleman Tourer Family Tent

This family version of the Tourer has an inner tent with a divider creating two separate bedrooms.

This will give Mum and Dad space and let the kids share their own room.

The divider between the bedrooms can be unzipped, which is ideal if you have small children as it makes getting to them at night very easy.

Fixing the interior in the Coleman Tourer

The interior simply clips to the top of the steel frame, and then toggles into the side of the tent.  Simple.


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