Coleman Fremont 8 – A big family tent with 3 double bedrooms and large living area

Coleman Fremont 8 Person Family Tent

Coleman Fremont 8 Person Family Tent

There's plenty of room in the Coleman Fremont 8 family tent. With 3 separate bedrooms it is very flexible and has a massive living area.

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Coleman Fremont 8 – A big family tent with 3 double bedrooms and large living area

Coleman Fremont 8 – A big family tent with 3 double bedrooms and large living area

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The Coleman Freemont 8 is a large family tent in an easy-to-pitch tunnel design.

Berths: 8 Person Tent | Rooms: 3 bedrooms and a large living area


Coleman is discontinuing the Fremont in 2013. You can see pictures of the replacement Coleman MacKenzie Cabin here.

The good news, of course, is that you may be able to pick up a Fremont for an even better price.

Our Opinion

The Coleman Fremont 8 is a large tent.  In practise, it is a larger version of the Coleman Fremont 6, which also has 3 bedrooms in the same layout arrangement.

The three bedroom layout gives you great flexibility, in either taking more kids, or providing two kids with a separate bedroom (or even the dog, or use the additional bedroom as a loo).

The split in the size of the main bedroom block is not equal: one can take 4 people and the other two.  So again more choices in where the kids go... or perhaps parents can use the large one and camp with a bit more style.

This is a large tent, but if size is not a problem, then this would certainly give more room than the 6 Person version, with both more space in the main tent living area and a palatial porch area.

Being a tunnel tent design you also have good headroom, so no need to stoop or crawl in this tent.


If you are not familiar with putting up a tunnel tent then fear not as it is very simple.  Just insert the poles into the sleeves that run around the outside of the tent.  The poles slot into holes in the bottom of each side of the tent, putting tension on them and making the arc shape.  This is a very stable design.

With tunnel-tents start at one end and work your way along.  When putting the tent away, keep doors and windows open as there is a vacuum effect when pulling up the arcs, and if the doors and windows are open, the tent will fill with air and be easier to put up.

Pull the arcs up from one end first and guy the end in to hold it in place.

Once the structure is up it is time to put in the sleeping compartments inside.

This is another easy procedure as they have toggles that fit on loops built into the tent.  These are colour coded to make it easy to get the right toggle in the correct place.


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